Burning Coast

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"Awfully stormy for this time of year."
"You should see the geothermal storms back in the Federation mainland."
Evelyn London and Dominic Zaitsev on the region's weather[1]

The Burning Coast is the northern coast of Cascadia, so named because of its geothermal activity and containing remnants of the Calamity.


The islands of the region are either desolate or stacked with greenery all around. The region, because of its connection to the Calamity, is wracked with thunderstorms and rainfall.[2]


On March 7, AC 432 during the Cascadian Conflict, the Cascadian Coast Guard seized the FNS Jerusalem, a hi-spec Federation Navy battleship on a presumed shakedown cruise, renaming it CIFS Eminent Domain. After much fighting and reinforcements, the captured battleship was resupplied and made it out of the area.[1]


The Burning Coast's location corresponds to the Gulf of Alaska.