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Federalization is a term for the Pacific Federation's implementation of policies into its member states upon annexation.


The standard operational procedure for federalization is as follows:

  • Infrastructural and social welfare policies are distributed among the populace of the annexed nation, easing their citizenship.
  • With living standards elevated, the people look to the Federation for support over their own home country.
  • From that point, the nation's military, politics, and even culture are altered for the Federation's vision and consolidation of power.[1]
  • During this time, military units such as the near-impregnable Task Force 1 are deployed to maintain security across the nation, locking down entire airspaces up to 100 miles.[2]

Federalization is also ingrained in the Federation Charter and legislative acts between Federation states; when a member state is under threat, all military assets including the Reserve Divisions are to be mobilized and "federalized" for rapid response.[3]


There have been some implied complaints about high taxes.[4] Furthermore, federalization involves unifying all national infrastructure for use by the Federation for its own purposes.


The Federation has been federalizing all of its prospective member states since its inception. The most recent example is Sawaiiki, who consensually aimed to vassalize despite its isolationist nature but also has a bustling economy. Cascadia, however, despite having been a member for over 50 years, has never been fully federalized before the Cascadian Conflict broke out[5] at the same time Sawaiiki was federalized.