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The Federation Military Forces is the designation for the unified armed forces of the Pacific Federation's member states. Its military strength and technological superiority[1] are mainly unrivaled, being utilized to dominate other entities in opposition to Federation expansionism.[2] State militaries, despite falling under the jurisdiction of the wider Federation, can share operational installations[3] and choose which rules to enforce or not.[4]

Federation military doctrine, perhaps due to facing rare amounts of conflict as well as their facing fierce resistance, is heavily defined by the Oceanian War.[5] In addition, it is rarely utilized by the Federation to forcibly expand,[6] though was more active in the years leading up to the Cascadian Conflict.[3] After the end of the war, the Federation military was greatly reduced; most of its active operational forces were wiped out, putting the Federation on the backfoot as it came under assault by the Periphery.[7]



Little is known of the Federation military's early history and deployments other than the Oceanian War above and their general doctrine. It can be inferred that the Federation military developed an impregnable image based on their track record thus far.

The Federation military, at the start of the Cascadian Conflict, initially had the advantage of reinforcing their weaker forces in-country and seizing key installations. However, they were pushed back by various raids behind their lines, partly on their important geothermal resources. They were also held back by surprisingly skilled mercenary pilots who they attempted to counteract by warning against them and losing/discharging non-national units, but this was for naught.

With losses mounting up and being dealt with in scales never before seen, the Federation was soon pushed back, resorting to fiery methods like burning down forests and even some higher-ups preparing to annihilate Prospero just to terrify the rebels,[8] with disregard for civilian lives and their own due to evacuating VIPs.[9]

The Federation was cut off to strictly Presidian ports after having shut down all other forms of traffic by the war's final month.[10] By the end, the military lost hundreds of thousands of servicemembers in the Cascadian Calamity Event and the Presidian Disaster, and countless more overall, including most Federation Peacekeepers.[7] A lot of them were shellshocked by what they had wrought, wanting to simply return home.[11]


All naval vehicles throughout Project Wingman are designated with the FN/FVN prefix regardless of alignment.