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Magadan, officially the Magadan Territories,[1] is a nation in the northeast Asian region, a member state of the Pacific Federation. A major Federation city named Stratfon is located there, implying the country's importance.


Magadan sent their fighters to the Bering Strait during the Conflict's Bering Strait furball, including 200 of their aviation regiment.[2]

Following the Cascadian Independence Force's victory in the battle, which resulted in the loss of almost all 200 of the deployed fighters,[3] the rebels crossed the Bering Strait and invaded the northwestern territories of Magadan[4] until they were pushed back into Cascadian territory prior to Operation Anticipation.[4]


The military is somewhat sizeable as they were able to send hundreds of fighters in the Cascadian Conflict.[3]


Magadan, right down to its location, is likely based off Magadan Oblast, a subject of the Russian Federation located on the far eastern coast of the nation.


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