Mercenary Cabal

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"Hey Kaiser, you related to any of the old Cabal?"
"The old mercenary council from Oceania? No, why?"
― A mercenary pilot and Arnold Frenken[2]

The Mercenary Cabal was a group of warlords that organized and maintained mercenary affairs, from their Oceanian Round Table[3] using mercenaries to manipulate criminal affairs and world events.[4]


Every Lord of the Cabal had a Signature, a mercenary under their command who dominated entire battlefields under their bidding. These Signatures entered the knowledge of either all-round mercenaries[2] or high-status officers.[5]

The Cabal was apparently flamboyant in their wealth, with one Lord Strannick being known to have owned strips of some sort; these influenced through possible metaphor mercenary lingo.[1]


The Cabal was founded during the Long Cold and before the After Calamity Era.[4] For the next 400 years, the Cabal had acted as the mastermind behind criminal activities and military strength worldwide, and dictated world history behind the scenes even before the Pacific Federation's existence.

In AC 417, however, information leaked out according to sources that the Cabal's leadership was planning to turn Oceania into a mercenary state rivaling the Federation. Along with Oceania seceding citing straining pressure on its geothermal resources,[6] this prompted the Federation to invade the nation to stop the mercenary state from coming to be,[4] taking extreme measures such as deprivation of basic necessities; it was later revealed the Cabal intended to reshape the world in their image.[7]

The Cabal was supposedly destroyed in the war,[4] their master plan halted, but rumors of their survival persisted 15 years later, enough for the Federation Navy to deploy the spy ship FNS Cat-Eye to track them down in the midst of the Cascadian Conflict.[8] Months later, Sicario Commander Arnold Frenken recruited remnants of the Cabal into his cobbled-together mercenary army, and they flew into battle again in Operation Welder.[9]