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"Who’s this rebel General anyway? Some National Guard officer shouldn’t be giving us this hard of a time."
"The guy’s Morgan Elizabeth, he was Cascadia’s liaison to our Peacekeeping forces during Oceania."
"Ironic, then, now that he’s being saved by mercs."
― Federation troops during the Salvemini Vineyards siege[2]

General Morgan Elizabeth was a Cascadian Independence Force (senior Independence Force HQ leader) and Army National Guard commander, as well as commander of the Wild Boar Regiment during the Cascadian Conflict. He was a skilled tactician who used his experience in the Oceanian War to good use during the war and ensured longer unit duration than other less hardened forces.[3]

Elizabeth commanded his forces throughout the first half of the war and past that in various offensives, putting up strong frontlines up until his death at Prospero in Operation Anticipation when the Pacific Federation bombarded the city with cruise missiles.[4]


Elizabeth was present in the Oceanian War as a liaison for the Federation Peacekeepers. In the years since the war, he and other Cascadian veterans became part of the Wild Boar Regiment, which gradually adopted ideals of independence pre-Cascadian Conflict.

The Federation wiped out 30% of CIF military strength in the opening months, and Elizabeth, resilient in his resistance, was driven to the Salvemini Vineyards by February 10, AC 432. When support arrived and included mercenaries from Sicario, he complained about them at first, but reluctantly gave them IFF target data. He informed their AWACS of interference from the Solana Communications Array, which was the cause of the CIF losing the war.

Upon the Federation offensive being pushed back, Elizabeth ordered his men to push through and establish perimeters at the front. The Federation was defeated, and the General thanked Hitman for saving a lot of manpower for the rebellion.[2]

Elizabeth led the CIF's withdrawal from Presidia, now taken over by overwhelming Federation forces. He had Jesterfield to conduct SAR on stranded rebel units while Federation AA was scattered, and told J. Griffiths they had plenty of time to sabotage routes out of the city rather than rush it, emphasizing their different taskings. He had to regrettably leave behind some of his forces at downtown and have Dominic Zaitsev direct them to evacuate on their own, and point his units north due to comms jamming preventing transmission of coordinates.[5]

Over time, the war situation favored the rebels, and Elizabeth found himself organizing the CIF Offensive Campaign against the now-retreating Federation. He had his unit push through the fire and water from the Cascadian Firefighting Corps and, with help from Hitman Team once again who he ordered for forward CAS, chased down and captured surviving Federation troops.[6]

The General's demise

Elizabeth led the shelling of Prospero in the week leading up to the liberation of the city, scoring little damage against the Federation defenders. Because of this, he yet again employed Hitman to secure air superiority over the trade city. During this time, he pleaded for the defenders to surrender immediately rather than "die for an unjust cause", and ordered minimal damage to facilities, runways, and civilian infrastructure. When confronted with Cascadian natives surrendering, he ordered Rudmere to send them behind the frontlines to extract intel.

The Federation sprung up their cordium-tipped trap on the city, and Elizabeth attempted to rally his defenses to shoot down the missiles. His men and Hitman's best efforts failed him, however, as he was vaporized along with the city and his whole regiment.[7]

Personality, traits, and relationships

"We need you to retask to forward air support, I know what happens when Monarch is in my deck."
― Elizabeth at Grimwood Forest to Hitman Team[6]

Presumably due to his experiences in Oceania, Elizabeth, like a number of his regiment, was distrustful and uncomfortable with mercenaries. As the war went on, however, he gradually warmed up to their support and expected victories at every battle they were present in.

He was a decent tactician who also cared about his men, constantly brisk in giving commands and vigorous in battle against the Federation. He displayed stubbornness even in the face of death and firestorms, but had a shred of mercy to enemy troops. These qualities surprised Federation troops unfamiliar with him.[2][5][6][7]


"Morgan" is a Welsh-Irish name derived from Celtic meaning "seaman." "Elizabeth" is derived from the Hebrew "Elisheba" ("oath of God").