Operation Blue Shelter

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This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see No Respite.

"So that's it, huh, business as usual, they fly out a letter and we're going back out?"
"Better than sittin' on concrete all day, what're you complaining about anyway? At least you're getting paid for it."
― Peter Kennedy and a CIF pilot

Operation Blue Shelter was a strike carried out by Cascadian Independence Force-aligned forces against Pacific Federation units holed up at Brite Fortress as part of an initiative to regain the offensive first in restarting the Cascadian Conflict before the Federation did.

This operation was also the only known instance of the Federation Ground Navy in action.


"This deal you made with Cascadia, Monarch, I don't think they should've made it. I know we're mercenaries, but what Stardust offered? No one should have it. That's too much power. It's not for us. I'm still with you, though, promise."
Robin Kuo

Following the Prospero Disaster and the ensuing Cascadian Calamity Event, both Federation and CIF units were forced to take shelter and halt the war in safe zones all around the country. Brite Fortress in particular, which was a minor tactical Federation installation earlier in the war, had now become a large safe zone for retreating Federation units; no civilians were in the surrounding area, which was in turn dotted by new hotspots.

The CIF's first units to recover from the geothermal disaster were Cascadian partisans, Park Service rangers, woodspeople, southern Cascadian volunteers, and Dustland natives. Together, they were able to scout out installations to scout out scattered Federation forces, with Brite Fortress being the largest in its immediate region for sheltering damaged aircraft and bouncing signals from the Solana Communications Array.

Due to the immense amount of geothermal interference, the operation orders had to be sent out by old-fashioned airmail. The Cascadian Army and Air Force, despite heavy damage to their military strength,[1] were still able to field airships and cruise missiles for the raid, though it was because of the force depletion that they had to postpone the retaking of the fortress for a few days. Hitman Team, though now weary of the war because of everything they experienced prior and only kept going because of a deal they struck with the Cascadian government, was made to lead the strike.


"All units, be advised, seems like they're powering up some old prototypes. Land battleships, it looks like."
Dominic Zaitsev

Federation forces stationed at the fortress were caught surprised by the rebels' quick recovery, with some jaded from their previous encounters with Hitman Team. Cruise missiles soon bombarded their defenses relentlessly, and the defense forces, whose assets were quickly pounded away, had mostly lost the drive to keep fighting, especially with their repeated defeats in previous battles. Some even pleaded to simply go home, perhaps seeing as either side would be in control of a virtual hellscape regardless of the victor.

Partisan snipers, using the nearby woods as cover, took out Federation troops, causing them to realize they were too soft on them. The attack reached a point where members of the Federation Ground Navy decided to reactivate some old land battleship prototypes, two out of the four in dock. Despite their heavy firepower, however, the rebel forces took advantage of their slow speed and likewise neutralized them with all the rest.


"The operation was a success. Federation forces in this area have been scattered and rendered no factor. If not the elements, then our secondary forces, when they sweep through, will deal with any who remain."
― CIF unit briefer

The rebel forces circled around for a little more time before returning to base. Once operational success was confirmed, surviving Federation units were either left to the elements' mercy or secondary forces soon to break through. Along with them, Federation units across the country faced similar attacks, leaving them disorganized and on the retreat.


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