Orion Squadron

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"Incoming CIF contact! Response to call is Midnight Light!"
"This is Orion Squadron. General Faust, we're with you. By the Dust."
"By the Dust."
― CDV Roosevelt crew and General Faust reacting to Orion's arrival[2]

Orion Squadron was a Cascadian Independence Force fighter squadron.


Orion protecting CDV Roosevelt

Orion was deployed to the Bering Strait during the Cascadian Conflict's Operation Guillotine. When their leader was shot down, Orion 3 was made provisional squadron leader.[1]

A month and a half later, the squadron presumably left the rebel frontlines in mainland Cascadia to lend support for the Cascadian White Fleet in Magadan following its failed invasion. They exchanged countersigns with General Faust, pledging allegiance to her goals, and proceeded to engage Federation Air Reserve Division K-9. Despite linking their FCS with the CDV Roosevelt's armament, all Orion members were shot down along with the fleet by K-9.[2]

Orion Squadron was later reformed and took part in the Second Battle of Presidia, the final battle of the war. Their leader perished when he collided into a Federation airship, and the rest, if any survived, were shot down by the renegade Crimson 1 in the Presidian Disaster.[3]


Due to a lack of CIF liveries, Orion Squadron anachronistically uses the mercenary livery of Skin 07.


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