Pillars of Communications

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A Pillar of Communication

The Pillars of Communications, occasionally known as the Pillars of Communication, are tall radio towers found all across Cascadia, built to restore communications in the country following the Calamity. They were part of a joint Cascadian-Pacific Federation logistics project capable of ignoring the rampant geo-interference found all across North America. Despite conspiracy theories about the Pillars, both governments maintain that they are merely regular, if not incredibly tall (about 3000 feet) telecom towers.[1] Another part of the project is the Solana Communications Array, a heavily defended communications and jamming facilty located in the Aitor Desert.[2]

An engineer working on a Pillar

Despite being used primarily in Cascadia, towers of similar design can be seen in Sawaiiki, suggesting the Federation may have adopted the idea of the project into other member states.[3]