Presidian Disaster

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"They had to take this from us! We'll burn them all, we’ll burn down the Federation!"
Arnold Frenken, swearing vengeance after the disaster[1]

The Presidian Disaster was the final event of the Cascadian Conflict. It occurred when the now-rogue Crimson 1 detonated a single cordium warhead near the port of the Cascadian capital of Presidia. This in turn caused multiple secondary explosions, killing hundreds of thousands of Pacific Federation and Cascadian Independence Force soldiers[2] and millions of civilians and devastating the city, causing geothermal instabilities and environmental damage.[1][3]

The disaster had large-scale ramifications; the rest of the world blamed the Federation for the act, believing that they had violated a legitimate ceasefire. In response to the attack, multiple nascent Federation territories began to secede and the Periphery, with Cascadian proxy support, launched an all-out invasion of their territory.[4]