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This page includes a transcript of "No Respite," the seventeenth campaign mission of Project Wingman.

Contract Details



2 Months Later...

AWACS | Galaxy: Got some interesting airmail, looks like we've got a mission lineup.
Unit Briefer: Among the first of the Independence Force assets which were able to recover outright from the geothermal disaster were the partisan scout units, woodspeople, and rangers from our park services who were no stranger to dangerous terrain. When combined with natives from the Dustlands or volunteers from our south, we've had ample ability to scout out scattered Federation forces still recovering. Facilities and bases that were built out of range of any notable geothermal hotspots have become rallying points for the Federation, and as our partisan scouts have observed, the largest one in this immediate region is at the historic Brite Fortress and Weather Facility. Tactically, in the early stages of the war, this installation was of marginal importance, often being used as a secondary base for damaged aircraft to land at and to bounce signals from the now-disabled Solana Comm Facility. Its location in a relative geothermal safe zone, however, has made it a new rallying point for the surviving Federation forces in this area. On the ground, intel has denoted that these forces are gearing up to renew the offensive in this area, and if they do, the Federation would have started the momentum first on reigniting the war. Hitman Team, you are to lead our surviving allied pilots on a tactical strike on this facility, denying the Federation the first move.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: So that's it, huh, business as usual, they fly out a letter and we're going back out?
Allied Pilot: Better than sittin' on concrete all day, what're you complaining about anyway? At least you're getting paid for it.
AWACS | Galaxy: Your planes are good, munitions and fuel all set. Hitman Team, it's your call to go up.

Mission Splash

41°10'13" N, 124°2'53" W | WEATHER: ANOMALOUS STORM | 1550 LOCAL TIME

Mission Dialogue

Mission Start

Federation Remnant Unit: The rebels got their air forces up already?! Scramble all defenses!
Federation Remnant Unit: What? What?! I survived that mercenary team once already!
AWACS | Galaxy: Well, that didn't take long. All units, follow Hitman in. Monarch, on your go.

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Is this what we're considering a safe zone? Sheesh...
Federation Remnant Unit: Do we have to worry about any civilians?
Federation Commander: Negative.

Federation Remnant Unit: Roll out what AA we have left, as long as we can drive them off, we'll be able to wait for reinforcements!
Federation Remnant Unit: Drive them off?! [stutters] They want us to roll out stuff to destroy! Oh, we're dead meat, dead!
Federation Remnant Unit: We've gotta fight!

Federation Remnant Unit: Enemy above, looks like a mix of mercs and rebels!

Federation Remnant Unit: The rebels can have this fireblasted country, I just want to go home!

Federation Remnant Unit: Sniper fire from the woods! I think those damn partisans are still out there, we should've taken them out when we had the chance!
Partisan: You had your chance to leave this place!

Hitman 3 | Comic: Think we can take this base?
AWACS | Galaxy: Negative, we don't have the manpower, just blow it to hell and the rebels will pick up the pieces.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Whatever, more country livin' for me.

Federation Commander: We have to hold this base or else retreating air units won't have a place to land!
Federation Remnant Unit: Screw them, we're the ones at danger now!

Federation Commander: We didn't expect the rebels to get back up so soon, damn it!

Federation Remnant Unit: Why are we even fighting here...?

  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: This deal you made with Cascadia, Monarch, I don't think they should've made it. I know we're mercenaries, but what Stardust offered, no one should have it, that's too much power, it's not for us. I'm still with you, though, promise.

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: It's gotten too easy.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Hm?
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: For what we're fighting for, this doesn't seem right.
Hitman 3 | Comic: What we're promised is worth what we're doing.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: [chuckle] You're right, continuing to engage.

Eliminate all hostile presence in the area

Federation Remnant Unit: Power up this abomination, it should have enough juice to get us into the fight![note 1]
Federation Commander: We'll be sitting ducks to that mercenary!
Federation Remnant Unit: You don't know that, engage!
AWACS | Galaxy: All units, be advised, seems like they're powering up some old prototypes, land battleships it looks like.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Come on, you pissants, shoot me down, I'm waiting for it!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: These things, impractical SOBs.

Eliminate the experimental units

AWACS | Galaxy: Defenses pacified, all Federation units are either no factor or destroyed. Hitman Team, remain on station for one last sweep and then RTB. Um, uh, RTH? Whatever, just come back to the highway.


Briefer: The operation was a success, Federation forces in this area have been scattered and rendered no factor. If not the elements, then our secondary forces when they sweep through will deal with any who remain. In parallel with this mission, several other organized IF forces launched similar attacks on unprepared Federation units. With this kickoff, we can chase the Federation back into Presidia and hopefully off of Cascadia forever. The Federation is disorganized, on the retreat, they know what we've been through and unlike them, we will not make their mistakes. Hitman Team, stand by.


  1. Formerly specified as Ground Commander pre-Patch 2.0.11