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This page includes a transcript of "Return", the eighteenth campaign mission of Project Wingman.

Contract Details


  • Recover lost equipment in Prospero
  • Close air patrol above Prospero


Scientist: This is Dr. Scott Dumblauskas transmitting from the University of Presidia with an update on the geothermal activity that has...wrecked our nation, as we've learned, the Ring of Fire as a whole has...erupted in varying degrees of disaster throughout, so we Cascadians alone are not bearing the sole brunt of this reprise of the Calamity. That being said, as we are the epicenter, we have...had the worst of it. That time is over now; cordium reactivity is down to normal ambient levels in all but the most concentrated areas, and so, we can expect the cessation of geothermal storms and tectonic disturbances. I advise high caution to any who would dare move from shelter to travel in affected areas, but for the most part, the natural dangers that remain will be a great deal less of an issue compared to the destructive effects from the loss of infrastructure and ongoing wildfires. However, rest assured, it's not going to get any worse.
CIF Command | Stardust: [putting phone down] Well, that's the word from the Professor himself. Hitman, the damage this disaster did on us is not to be understated, especially on our Air Force. We're not the only ones operating out of a highway right now and we're lucky, you're not even a full squadron. That being said, you're the most combat-capable right now and in order to rectify that, we're returning to Prospero, with as big as it is even while damaged, it'll still serve as the best operating base for the final operations.
Briefer: We've been able to get in contact with surviving scouts in order to scope out Prospero, and as far as we can tell, it is now abandoned ever since the Calamity took hold. With residual effects subsiding, now is the time to pick up where we left off. Hitman Team, move into the airspace above Prospero and maintain air superiority as we move manpower and equipment in. Initial recon denotes that there is nothing in the way of any Federation ground forces in surrounding areas or on-site, so the biggest threat will come from the air. Equip your planes appropriately, wheels up in the hour.

Mission Splash

40°51'44" N, 115°43'23" W | WEATHER: ANOMALOUS STORM | 1800 LOCAL TIME

Mission Dialogue

Mission Start

Hitman 3 | Comic: Eyes on, it's quiet.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: It also ain't pretty.
AWACS | Galaxy: Stardust, you got a read?
Cascadia | Stardust: Affirmative, we'll be moving personnel by helicopter and cargo planes shortly. Hitman, remain on station.
AWACS | Galaxy: Hitman Team, we've got some Fed-tagged IFFs around, patrol forces most likely, take them out before they collect too much data about what we're doing.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Easy enough, let's go break even, Monarch.

Clear Prospero for Cascadian forces

AWACS | Galaxy: We've got leakers, aircraft type unknown, pushing from bearing 000. Hitman Team, intercept.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Ah hell...
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Unsurprising, they always return to the scene of the crime.
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson Pilot (Male): Tally ho on three bandits, it has to be him.
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Of course it is.

Cascadia | Stardust: Looks like it's Crimson. Hitman Team, engage. IF units in the area aren't in a position to help you out, I'm sorry.
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Crimson Squadron, engage, avenge this land.


Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Sheep are to be protected, and yet wolves like you have to be fed, do you see the problem here? We are the sheepdogs.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Sheepdogs herd the sheep to slaughter, you asshole!

Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Come back here, you've made this personal.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Monarch, hurry up and shoot this guy down!

Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: I should've killed you when I had the chance.

Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: If I had killed you over Yellowstone, this war would have been over by now. It was a mistake, I intend to correct that. You know, they used to call me obsessed.[note 1] Now, they call me their solution.

Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: At the end of the day, you're just a criminal looking for your next handout.

Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: You've taken too much, you'll lose everything in turn.

Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: The world will prove you wrong even if you win this war...but it's not like you'll live to see it, mercenary.

Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Just think, how many have you killed?
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: God, just shut up!
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: How dare-
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Shut up, nobody asked! You think we asked specifically to fight you, you think I care so much to keep fighting you?!
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: You're wild dogs! Of course!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Shut up, just shut up, fight us, don't talk, I don't care...shut up! [whacking]
AWACS | Galaxy: Uh, Dip's radio transceiver is off...

  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: Monarch, you're really pushing me to my limit, I don't think I can take much more of this...

Eliminate Crimson Squadron

[maniacal laughter from Crimson 1 until aircraft alarm sounds]
AWACS | Galaxy: Crimson Team is off the radar, confirm aircraft destruction.
Cascadia | Stardust: We saw it blow up from here, he's down. God, what a waste of a pilot... We good on the long range, any more surprises?
AWACS | Galaxy: It's quiet across the board, you're clear to keep moving into Prospero.
Cascadia | Stardust: Alright, good. Hitman Team, RTB, we'll see if we can call someone else to cover us for now.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Good, I...I just need to lay down somewhere...
Hitman 3 | Comic: Hang in there, bud, not much longer now, not much longer...


CIF Command | Stardust: We finally moved into Prospero and the thermal activity within hotspots in Cascadia's subsiding. By not letting up the pressure and by taking our land back even during Cascadia's darkest hours, we have now taken back the initiative, the offensive, and soon enough, our country. Federation forces throughout the country are retreating off-coast or congregating in Presidia, this means that they'll have their final stand on this continent in our capital city. Hitman Team, stand by.


  1. Subtitles say "They called me obsessed".