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"Do you know how hard it is to fish cordium out of the ocean?! The port will be ruined!"
― Wai Mami Port authority to Federation defenders[1]

Wai Mami Port is the main port of Sawaiiki as well as the largest airship-capable port in the Pacific Ocean.


"When the Feds brought over that airfleet, they shut down the airspace in like, 100 miles around them."
― A Sawaiiki dockworker[1]

The port, massive as it is, provides the majority of the kingdom's import-export business.[2] The installation is divided into three sections, each capable of servicing whole fleets of surface and aerial vessels with the large number of docking equipment and infrastructure, including submarine pens and refineries. A couple of tall towers resembling the Pillars of Communications can be found at the nearby mountains, along with an inactive volcano. Settlements, cities, and large lakes dot the port surroundings and coastlines.


"This is a message representing the combat aircraft over the airspace of the Kingdom of Sawaiiki to all concerned, we are engaged with the Federation personnel and resources pertinent to the war in Cascadia on behalf of the nation of Cascadia, Cascadia has no quarrel, I repeat, no quarrel with the Kingdom of Sawaiiki or its own security forces, we therefore ask you to not intervene or oppose our attack. However, we are under orders to engage any Kingdom of Sawaiiki units who do not comply with this request and move into attack positions, does anyone copy this communication?"
Peter Kennedy and the port authority[1]
The port after the attack

Wai Mami Port likely began operations when Sawaiiki was founded. In AC 432, when the Pacific Federation claimed the nation under their banner, they commenced federalization procedures which included militarizing the entire port for the express purpose of maintaining their naval forces. A number of dockworkers were cautious of the arrangement, fearing its temptation of air assault.

On May 13 of the same year during the Cascadian Conflict, the port came under assault by mercenary fighters on employ of the Cascadian Independence Force. Though multiple facilities were destroyed, there was only minimal collateral damage, in part due to shelter preparations, though an entire airship fleet and several defenses were lost in the process. The Sawaiiki people subsequently blamed the Federation for failing to properly defend the infrastructure they offered.[1]


  • Wai Mami Port's Pacific location is the center of Pearl Harbor.
  • Wai Mami Port's dockworkers and authority are voiced by Abi Rahmani.