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Unviersal modifier icon

Game modifiers are options that increase the difficulty of Project Wingman in different ways. If they wish to, players can select multiple, or even all modifiers at once.

List of game modifiers

Modifier Description
Glass Cannon Deal 2.5x damage towards enemies. However, you receive 5x back.
Budget Cuts 2.5x damage both ways. Ammo is significantly reduced. Handling moderately reduced.
Gun Runner Secondary gun only. 3x gun ammo.
Camouflage Enemy indicator no longer appears unless they are targeted.
Cordium Interference Radar only shows direction of enemy.
Ace Training Enemy spawns with the highest rank.
Double Time Enemy fighter spawns are doubled.
Botched Requisition Enemy fighters spawn with an additional random lethal attachment.
Speed Demon Your afterburner is stuck.


  • Camouflage, Cordium Interference, and Botched Requisition actually affect allies as well, making the game both easier and harder at the same time.
  • There is a list of cut modifiers that did not get implemented, probably due to redundancy and time constraints.