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Modules are aircraft attachments in Project Wingman that can grant the player the ability to perform enhanced techniques in combat.


Flares are a counter-lock module compatible to all kinds of aircraft. They take seven seconds to reload, but are infinite. It is very simple to use, only requiring a button push.

AOA Limiter

The Angle Of Attack Limiter is a module pilots of specific aircraft can equip instead of flares. Its function is to enabling pilots to pull extreme maneuvers in exchange for losing speed extremely quickly by allowing the aircraft to exceed its critical angle of attack (the angle of incoming air relative to the chord of the wing). By doing so, a greater surface of the wing is exposed to oncoming air, increasing drag and air deflection of the control surfaces.


Like flares, the AOA Limiter is bound to the module slot (pressing "H" by default on keyboards and pressing "Left Stick" by default on controllers) and can be used indefinitely bar the cool-down. The AOA Limiter functions in a similar manner to high-G turns and post-stall maneuvers in Ace Combat, allowing the pilot of certain aircraft to perform aerodynamically impossible maneuvers such as a Kulbit or the Herbst maneuver. These maneuvers can be used to dodge missiles, loose an opponent and/or get on an enemy's tail.

To enable the AOA Limiter, simply choose it as a replacement to flares, then press the equipment key and brake key/inverse thrust axis. When the AOA is activated, the game will produce a beep, identical to the one signaling that the equipment cooldown is over. Once this is combined with brake input, the sound of rushing air will play. Once you hear the air whooshing around your plane, simply input using your pitch axis and your craft will begin typically impossible maneuvers. Do be careful with its use, however, as if you do not move enough, the AOA Limiter will not save you from an incoming missile and can cause you to stall out.


Initially, only Prototype and upgraded aircraft can equip the AOA Limiter, but after Patch 1.0.4c, several other aircraft based off models that can perform PSMs in real life also received the option to equip the AOA Limiter.

The following aircraft can equip this module: