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The F/E-18 is a single-seat multirole aircraft with fairly high flight performance. It can mount a heavy load of Multi-Lock Anti-Air Missiles or Semi-Active Air Missiles, or use its second slot for Multi-Lock Anti-Ground missiles, rockets or bombs.

Its Pacific Federation skins always bear "FEDERATION COMMAND".


  1. Gray body with white leading wing edges, nose, wingtip launch rails and elevator tips, mercenary and Monarch markings.
  2. Steel blue upper fuselage, with white/dark blue camouflage pattern on dorsal surface and white underbelly. Steel blue rudders with orange tips and Federation Navy markings. Seen during the campaign.
  3. Olive green/light brown desert camouflage dorsal surface and white underbelly, with yellow stripes on wings and rudder edges and white dorsal surface. Cascadian Air Force/Independence Force markings.
  4. Light gray body with black stripe running down upper fuselage, red stripe along wing tips. Black rudders with red tip. Federation Navy markings. Loosely based on the VFA-31 F/A-18E.
  5. Dark blue dorsal surface and dark gray underbelly. Somewhat worn out paint, mercenary and Monarch markings.
  6. Dense three-tone gray digital camouflage with black anti-glare panels. Federation Navy markings.
  7. Edelweiss livery: Snow leopard pattern dorsal surface with gray underbelly and dark blue leading edges and wingtips. Mercenary markings with a shield emblem containing five stars, a part white and light blue background, and a white flower on the foreground.

Notable Units

  • Crosstalk Squadron - Fought in Homestead.
  • Gemini and Python - Conquest mode only. Normal elite enemy squadron, four members.
  • Queenie - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron, four members.
  • Ranger - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member (Musqquito).
  • Sierra Golf - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member (Neil).
  • Edelweiss - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron, five members.
  • Harmony - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron, six members.
  • Knight - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member (Shellback).
  • Ral's Rievers - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member (Riever 3).
  • SOS Brigade - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron, eight members.
  • 404th - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron aircraft, two members (Anon).
  • F.O.G - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron members, three aircraft.
  • Cifereca - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member (Kalsi).


The Federation Crosstalk Squadron, which entirely used F/E-18s, was assigned to Rowsdower Air Force Base at the time of the Cascadian Conflict. It was on patrol when the base was recaptured, and upon return, it fought CIF-aligned forces for a short while before being shot down.[1]

Federation F/E-18s were part of the siege of Wild Boar Regiment[2] and the hunt for the stolen FNS Jerusalem.[3] Three were stationed at the Chaohord Defense Region's mountain hangar when they were eradicated by Monarch in a lone raid.[4] In addition, over a dozen were at the Solana Communications Array conducting patrols when Operation Blackout occurred.[5]

Operation Guillotine saw the deployment and shootdown of several dozen F/E-18s from both Federation and CIF sides. Later portions of the war had the aircraft see involvement in defending Brite Fortress (two aircraft)[6] and being the tip of the 1st Naval Battlegroup's spear during Operation Welder (six).[7]


The F/E-18s
  • Four F/E-18s can be seen taxiing behind the fence in the deep background in the main menu.
  • The F/E-18 was established in the demos to have a production year of AC 399 and built by Morgan Security. Its description in the demos read as follows:
"The Morgan F/E-18 is a twin-engine carrier-capable multirole fighter aircraft. The F/E-18 was based of the F\C-18 by Henderson Corp. It has a larger profile and sharp cornered intakes compared to it's[sic] old counterpart. The F/E-18 uses the internal 20 mm UGS61 rotary cannon and is able to load multi discipline loadout[sic] ranging from air-to-air and air-to-ground."