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The X-PF was an experimental closed-canopy fighter developed by Icarus Armories at some point before or during the Cascadian Conflict. Notably, its canopy had red lines and a red strobe light lining it.

It appears to be a predecessor to the more advanced glass canopy PW-Mk.I, lacking the railgun and being less durable. Its only skin is a light red and black body with Icarus and mercenary markings.

Notable Units

  • Frost - Fought in Wayback. Has three health bars and will continuously fire the BML-U.
  • Nyx Squadron/Element - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron/member(s), five members or alone. Equipped with the BML-U attachment.


After the loss of the SP-34R during a raid on one of their facilities, Icarus lended the X-PF to Klara Rask sometime before the Cascadian Calamity Event. Rask joined up with the turncoat Master Goose Squadron after somehow finding out Hitman Team's identities.

Rask, during the interception over the now-nearly destroyed Rowsdower Air Force Base, used the aircraft's BML-U arsenal and superior performance to its full potential, but was eventually shot down and killed along with Master Goose.[1]


  • The X-PF bears a superficial resemblance to the CFA-44 Nosferatu from Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, having air intakes, fuselage, paint scheme, and vertical stabilizers similar to the ones on it. The Burst Missile Launcher - Universal (BML-U) the X-PF is equipped with also functions in a similar way to the Nosferatu's All Direction Multi-Purpose Missiles.
    • Its enclosed cockpit appears to be based on the COFFIN (Connection for Flight Interface) system which has appeared on numerous fictional aircraft in the Ace Combat franchise.
  • The purpose of the canards is unclear, as they are positioned over LERX (leading edge root extensions) from the main wings blending forward into the fuselage. Other movable "Eurocanard" planes that put the canard before both the main delta wing and any LERX add-ons such as a prototype extension seen on Typhoons that nonetheless end just before the canard.
  • The X-PF's internal name is "QGMk3" in contrast to most other planes which retain their real-world names or, for the originals, keep their actual names.


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