Rowsdower Air Force Base

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Rowsdower Air Force Base was a backwater joint Cascadian National Guard-Federation Military Forces airbase on the snowy northern coast of North America. Due to its remoteness and isolated location, the facility was reserved for tertiary units or misfit personnel.[2]

It also serves as the second airbase used in the campaign.


The base featured 14 hangars in total; nine regular-sized ones and five larger ones. Two C/T-17s were parked and five fuel tanks were present, along with what appeared to be adjacent tenement housing for the inhabitants. There was also dedicated space for cargo, probably offloaded from both ships and planes.

When the Cascadian Calamity Event hit, the ice and water melted off and the ground itself was charred by lightning storms and lava hotspots.


During the Cascadian Conflict, the Federation forcibly seized the base, but the Cascadian Independence Force and their mercenaries expelled them in turn and shot down the defending assigned squadron. The base housed Sicario and other mercenary units for several months[1] until the Cascadian Calamity Event rendered the area uninhabitable with the growth of three exclusion zones. The remnants of Sicario, right after dealing with bounty hunters, quickly abandoned the base to relocate to Highway 34.[3]


  • The base is named in reference to Zap Rowsdower, one of the main characters from the adventure film The Final Sacrifice. Enhancing the reference is the airbase's coordinates in Canada, where the film was made.
  • Rowsdower's location is somewhere in Yukon.