Cascadian Foreign Legions

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The Cascadian Foreign Legions are large groups of foreign fighters making up a bulk of Cascadian military forces, formed after the Cascadian Conflict.


In the wake of the Cascadian Conflict, the Cascadian National Guard was almost completely depleted of combat-effective forces, and the nation itself a burning ruin.[1] With Cascadia falling underneath mercenary influence and becoming a free haven for mercenaries and other freelancing individuals, the Foreign Legions were formed.[2]


Arnold Frenken is very likely to be the commander of the legions, as the Foreign Legion commander's "charismatic" description fits his profile and he led the PMC (Sicario) that helped Cascadia the most. In addition, his part of the Deal ostensibly enabled him to rebuild Sicario from the ground up after its decimation in the Cascadian Calamity Event.[3]