Highway 34

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Highway 34 is an unfinished highway in Cascadia's Daner Valleys along the Aleutian Islands.

It also serves as the third and final airbase used in the campaign.


The highway features various stretches of unfinished bridges and gaps with construction equipment being left around. At the section used for aircraft is a series of air defenses, including a couple SAMs and AA guns. There is a base built within part of the highway, and the inhabitants of the valleys live around it.


Highway 34 was meant to bridge the gap between island to island, but construction was cancelled due to Senator Kennedy cutting off funds to counter Pacific Federation taxes. Since then, Highway 34 had been used as a collection of emergency landing strips for troubled airline flights from the Bering Strait while also still being partially used by locals.[1]

During the late stages of the Cascadian Conflict, the highway served as an FOB for Sicario and other Cascadian Independence Force-aligned pilots after Rowsdower Air Force Base and other installations were destroyed following the Prospero Disaster.[2]


  • The use of highways as airstrips has a lot of real world precedence, the most famous being the Autobahn A29 highway strip in Germany. Even so, none of them have the facilities seen in Highway 34, such as a proper hangar, air defenses, etc.
  • The use of a tunnel-connected highway-turned-makeshift runway may be a homage to Yellow Squadron's usage of one for most of the campaign of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.
  • Two CIF MG-29s are parked behind the player's plane in the highway's hangar selection screen.
    • Likewise, three trucks and CIF MG-29s and two CIF Sk.27s are parked right next to the player's runway spot during Mission 17's Highway 34 sections.
    • The AA guns are not seen anywhere in the game; they resemble the ZSU-23-4 Shilka.