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This page is a list of campaign missions in Project Wingman.


Black Flag Jesta Island Chain
UI MIS01.png

Hitman Team of the Sicario Mercenary Corps, led by Monarch, is tasked with the recovery or destruction of a secret cordium cargo belonging to the Pacific Federation. They end up having to destroy it, devastating the island, and then learn of new prospects.

Frontiers Fresnon Range
UI MIS02.png

The North American state of Cascadia attempts to secede from the Federation, leading to the Cascadian Conflict. Looking for new work, Sicario fights its way through a Federation patrol attempting to stop them from entering Cascadia.

Homestead Rowsdower AFB
UI MIS03.png

To secure a new base for their operations, Sicario launches an airborne assault on Rowsdower Air Force Base on the continent's northern coast.

Uphill, Every Way Salvemini Vineyards
UI MIS04.png

The Cascadian Independence Force needs to maintain a conventional military force in the field to legitimize its conflict with the Federation. Hitman successfully rescues the embattled Wild Boar Regiment from a large Federation assault, drawing the attention of Federation command.

Sirens of Defeat Presidia
UI MIS05.png

Sicario flies air cover for the CIF's retreat from the Cascadian capital of Presidia.

Machine of the Mantle Apodock Fracture
UI MIS06.png

Sicario performs a raid on cordium extraction facilities held by the Federation. After completing their mission, Hitman Team is pursued by the elite Federation Peacekeepers' Crimson Team but manages to escape.

Eminent Domain Burning Coast
UI MIS07.png

Remnants of the Cascadian Coast Guard seize a prototype Federation battleship, renaming it the CIFS Eminent Domain. Monarch and his wingman Comic defeat the ED's pursuers and shoot down cruise missiles launched to sink the captured ship.

Clear Skies Briggs Range
UI MIS08.png

Monarch and his wingman Diplomat interdict the Federation supply line into Cascadia, shooting down transports in the Zhirov Air Corridor while avoiding damage to civilian traffic. An elite Federation interception unit is also shot down.

Stepping Stone Wensleydale Range
UI MIS09.png

Monarch flies a solo mission to neutralize air defenses on the route to the Solana Communications Array.

Pillars of Communications Aitor Desert
UI MIS10.png

Sicario launches an airborne assault on the Solana Communications Array, seizing the airbase and destroying the array to end Federation disruption of CIF communications.

Cold War Bering Strait
UI MIS11.png

An encounter between CIF fighters and Federation transports over the Bering Strait escalates into a massive furball, as both sides commit increasing numbers of forces. The arrival of Sicario and Monarch in particular allows the CIF to emerge victorious, besting even Crimson Team.

Midnight Light Scarred Sea
UI MIS12.png

Hitman Team and Ronin investigate suspicious activities at the Harkema Industrial Park, where Icarus Armories is developing experimental fighters. Monarch shoots down the prototype SP-34R piloted by the rogue mercenary Frost Druid.

Valkyrie's Call Wai Mami Port
UI MIS13.png

Sicario and other mercenary units conduct a long-range raid to sink the Federation's airship Task Force 1 in port.

Open Season Grimwood Forest
UI MIS14.png

Sicario assists the CIF in pursuing withdrawing Federation ground forces, who have ignited a forest fire to cover their retreat.

Consequence of Power Prospero
UI MIS15.png

Hitman Team supports the CIF's attempt to retake the city of Prospero. While the offensive is initially successful, the Federation's scorched earth use of cordium weapons devastates the city.

Wayback Rowsdower AFB
UI MIS16.png

Hitman and AWACS Galaxy make their way back to Rowsdower, where they encounter Klara Rask and her mercenary bounty hunters. Hitman defeats their opponents, who expose their identities, and links up with the remnants of Sicario, preparing to leave Cascadia. However, Stardust arrives and offers a deal to get them to stay.

No Respite Audrerie Valley
UI MIS17.png

Two months after the Cascadian Calamity Event, Hitman leads an air raid against the Federation-held Brite Fortress.

Return Prospero
UI MIS18.png

Hitman returns to Prospero to help the CIF retake it as a base for the offensive on Presidia. There they run into Crimson Team once again, defeating the Peacekeeper squadron for good.

Red Sea Pacific Ocean
UI MIS19.png

Hitman, the Eminent Domain and allied units meet and sink most of the Federation's remaining naval forces in theater, imposing a blockade on Presidia.

Presidia Presidia
UI MIS20.png

Hitman spearheads the CIF's retaking of Presidia. Federation forces are almost driven out of the city when news arrives of a ceasefire negotiated by the two belligerents. In the confusion, Crimson 1 makes a reappearance, shoots down Monarch's allies, and devastates Presidia.

Kings Presidia
UI MIS21.png

Monarch duels Crimson 1, flying the prototype PW-Mk.I, one final time over the ruins of Presidia.


Bottom of the Barrel Gulf of Anadyr
F-C-15 Hanger.png

Reserve Division K-9 is scrambled in response to the Showdown over the Bering Strait. They are then forced to contend with the battle's aftermath and the mercenaries in hot pursuit of allies.

Home Invasion Point Refuge
SK.25U Magadan.png

The CIF has decided to launch an invasion of Magadan, taking advantage of Federation weakness. K-9 is again scrambled to defend their homeland; though the Eminent Domain arrives to turn the tide, their efforts are commended enough for Peacekeeper selection.

Mousetrap Tseliadan
UI MF03F59.png

Reservist units including K-9 launch with regular Federation forces to take out a rebel FOB setup deep in-country.

Express Lane Highway 1
VX-23 Tunnel.png

K-9 leader Driver is personally selected for a one-man strike behind enemy lines through an unfinished highway system against the rebel chain of command.

Magadan Front Point Refuge
UI MF05F59.png

Federation forces converge on retreating rebels at where the invasion began. It turns out the purpose of the invasion had been to hurt the Federation as much as possible, which General Faust intends to see through, starting by taking a splinter force out of the retreat's way.

Faust Arctic Circle
UI MF06F59.png

With the rest of the Federation occupied and a rogue rebel General on the loose, K-9 is dispatched alone to stop her plans: Destroying Base Station Zero, and as a result possibly taking the whole Federation with Magadan. Despite succeeding, they are informed by Faust in her dying moments of a terrible war-old secret and experience the Cascadian Calamity Event.

Best scores

Mission Best score Mercenary best score
Mission 01: Black Flag 6600 15500
Mission 02: Frontiers 5250 12950
Mission 03: Homestead 17200 27800+
Mission 04: Uphill, Every Way 17750 37150
Mission 05: Sirens of Defeat 47000 54650
Mission 06: Machine of the Mantle 39025 44875
Mission 07: Eminent Domain 26700 34950+
Mission 08: Clear Skies 14950 18100
Mission 09: Stepping Stone 23350 29750
Mission 10: Pillars of Communications 26700 26700
Mission 11: Cold War 33300 33300
Mission 12: Midnight Light 28275 29775
Mission 13: Valkyrie's Call 55950 57400
Mission 14: Open Season 27900 27900
Mission 15: Consequence of Power 27150 27150
Mission 16: Wayback 1750 1750
Mission 17: No Respite 21650 21650
Mission 18: Return 15900 15900
Mission 19: Red Sea 34200+ 36550+
Mission 20: Presidia 35700+ 35700+
Mission 21: Kings 12000 13000
Frontline-59 Mission 01: Bottom of the Barrel 10000 12000
Frontline-59 Mission 02: Home Invasion 18150+ 18150+
Frontline-59 Mission 03: Mousetrap 32120 32120
Frontline-59 Mission 04: Express Lane 9125 9125
Frontline-59 Mission 05: Magadan Front 33550 33550
Frontline-59 Mission 06: Faust 16550 16550

Behind the scenes

Missions 12-15 were originally designated "Mission 13-16" with Mission 16 originally being "M16B." Furthermore, the original Mission 21 was titled "Pride of a Nation," presumably set immediately after the Presidian Disaster but featuring a fight against almost all the remaining Peacekeepers leading up to the final Crimson 1 duel in the next mission, originally called Mission 22. See Cut dialogue and Cut levels for further details.


  • The campaign ends the way it started - with a contract being completed and a giant cordium explosion, first from the Meilynx and then the PW-Mk.I. The environments of both locations (Fort Daggerpoint and Presidia) have also been glassed as well.
  • There is equally a total three takeoff (Missions 3, 4, and 17) and landing (Missions 2, 3, and 17) sequences in the campaign.
  • The coordinates for the entirety of the Frontline-59 campaign aside from the first mission are accidentally copied from Black Flag's.