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Despite the advent of airships, seaborne naval vessels are still a critical component in the After Calamity Era's marine transportation and warfare.


Much like airships, armed surface vessels require all of their weapon mounts to be destroyed before their hull can be damaged. However, certain weapons such as Anti-Ship Missiles or Railguns are capable of damaging the hulls of the vessels directly, provided that they impacted the hull of the vessel instead of a mounted weapon. Multi-Lock Anti-Ground weapons can also thin out the armaments of a vessel from a distance.

Unguided bombs can also be used to destroy surface vessels, but unless these vessels are moored, landing an accurate hit on a moving ship can be rather challenging, especially from an altitude.

For aircraft that has no anti-surface weapons equipped, standard missiles or strafing runs with the aircraft's cannon will get the job done as well.


Both the Pacific Federation and the Cascadian Independence Force fielded surface vessels during the Cascadian Conflict. For a long period of time, the Federation Navy had the clear upper hand in the naval warfare, their vast fleets allowing them to secure strategic ports in Cascadia as well as reinforce vital maritime supply lines, which allowed the Federation to maintain its supply train in Cascadia even after the lockdown on aerial transportation. One of the most prominent naval units of the Federation was the 1st Naval Battlegroup, tasked with guarding the capital city of Presidia throughout the conflict.

The Independence Force, on the other hand, was forced to make do with the few vessels they had access to when the conflict started, sometimes resorting to hijacking or commandeering Federation vessels with the remnants of their Coast Guard.