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The Zetec was a Federation Vertical Navy 205-class air battleship and the flagship of Task Force 1. It was captained by Admiral Mathieu "Bones" Bonin, TF-01's fleet commander, and famous as one of the handful of 205-class airships to engage in airship-to-airship combat.


The Zetec had a long service record in the Federation, including participation in the Oceanian War's final battles.

Zetec shot down

The air battleship was docked at Oceania[2] to undergo a retrofit by Icarus Armories for a prolonged lifespan up to AC 472, partly based on predictions pf enemy force movements in the next few decades.[1] This would not come to be as upon returning from patrol with other airships, the Zetec was shot down in a Cascadian Independence Force-staged mercenary raid on the port during the Cascadian Conflict.[3]


The airship is named after the special credited Kickstarter backer and playtester of the same name[4] as well as the admin of the Ace Combat subreddit and (formerly) Discord server.