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This page includes a transcript of "Valkyrie's Call", the thirteenth campaign mission of Project Wingman.

Contract Details



Briefer: The offensive operations to take back territory from the Federation has been going well with your continued support, Sicario, your air support up and down the front has been integral in demoralizing and outright destroying enemy air superiority. All this, however, has forced the Federation to respond in overwhelming force; our intelligence has obtained a crucial piece of information on the deployment of the Federation's main airship fleet Task Force 1. Task Force 1's deployment to Cascadia would be overwhelming and costly to the Independence Force, a direct confrontation would be nothing less than a disaster. Thankfully for us, they're not yet in the country and are in the last leg of their journey. In the Pacific, the Sawaiiki is an associate nation of the Federation much like how Cascadia was before the war.[note 1] Their islands are rich in natural resources and therefore an economic hub in the middle of the Pacific, because of this, the main Federation harbor for airships on this side of the globe rests there. The plan is this: Sicario will lead an air assault of mercenaries in taking out the airship fleet while they're in port. We're devoting every single aerial tanker we have in order for you to reach out there. Hitman Team, you'll be on point with Sicario. The port and the surrounding area is entirely a militarized industrial sector, all meant for maintaining the airship fleet and on a lesser note, the naval forces of the Federation. This is a target-rich environment and we expect nothing less than total dismantling of the Federation's infrastructure and force deployment capability in the entire Pacific. We're unsure on how the Kingdom of Sawaiiki will respond, but be on the lookout for their local Air Force, some nations in alliance with the Federation...might not see it our way.

Mission Splash

21°21'50" N, 157°57'36" W | WEATHER: SCATTERED | 0700 LOCAL TIME

Mission Dialogue

Mission Start

Assassin 1 | Kaiser: This is Assassin 1 to all mercenaries, follow my vector, we're going in with the sun to our backs.
Mercenary Pilot (Male): Why are you calling the shots, Sicario, who made you boss?
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Last I checked, it was Sicario that was in high demand for the rebels, not you.
Mercenary Pilot (Male): I think you mean your kingmakers, that Crown, don't be vain by association.
AWACS | Galaxy: Visual confirmed, a majority of Task Force 1 is in port, the operation is a go. All aircraft, you're cleared to attack, engage any and all targets, but make sure those airships are dealt with first, if they start powering up, you'll be in for a world of hurt.

  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: I've never seen so many airships in one place...

Sawaiiki Dock Worker: What do you mean? When the Feds brought over that airfleet, they shut down the airspace in like...100 miles around them.[note 2]

AWACS | Galaxy: Sicario, Hitman Team, you're on point. The other mercenaries will pick up the slack.

Federation Airship: Hey wait, those aren't our planes, sound the alarms!
Federation Airship: All hands, battlestations, this is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill!
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: We have the element of surprise, let's act on it, ladies and gentlemen, onward!

AWACS | Galaxy: Cobalt, Saberdust, and Paycheck, I'm assigning you provisional callsigns, easier for me that way.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Lined up like that, huh? Easier for me.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: They converted this entire port into a military base, that can't be good for property values.

AWACS | Galaxy: Pouncing Badgers, Wildshot Gang, I'm pushing you into this sector to saturate.

Federation Defense: IFF reads them all as mercenary signatures, scramble all defenses!

Federation Construction Battalion: All personnel in CB Unit Bear, get to the docks now and load up the airships, we're under attack!

Sawaiiki Port Authority: All citizens are advised to seek shelter until further notice, Sawaiiki is under attack, I repeat, Sawaiiki is under attack.

Federation Defense: We've got eyes on, confirmed, the Crown is among them!

Federation Defense: I don't care if the ships are moored, get their guns up, they're all we have!

Federation Advisor: Crimson 7, evacuate immediately, fly to the Core, Icarus Armories will finish it.[note 3]
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 7: Mk.I is away. God damn, the Crown followed.[note 4]

Federation Defense: We have multiple facilities destroyed!
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Tight and professional, Sicario, don't let me down.
AWACS | Galaxy: We fail you yet, Boss?
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Not while I'm around, that's for sure.

Sicario Pilot: I feel dirty...kneecapping them like this.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: They wouldn't say the same, Gunsel 4.
Sicario Pilot: True, you're right.[note 5]

Assassin 1 | Kaiser: I see Sawaiiki personnel moving into defensive positions, if they get involved, we might widen the war.
AWACS | Galaxy: Hey Dip, do you remember those raids we went on a few years back in the East Periphery? Remember that script we had to say? Go for it.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Ah, God damn, fine: This is a message representing the combat aircraft over the airspace of the Kingdom of Sawaiiki to all concerned, we are engaged with the Federation personnel and resources pertinent to the war in Cascadia on behalf of the nation of Cascadia. Cascadia has no quarrel, I repeat, no quarrel with the Kingdom of Sawaiiki or its own security forces, we therefore ask you to not intervene or oppose our attack. However, we are under orders to engage any Kingdom of Sawaiiki units who do not comply with this request and move into attack positions, does anyone copy this communication?
Sawaiiki Port Authority: Copy.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Cheers. That's two bucks a word, Galaxy, you owe me.
AWACS | Galaxy: If you say so.

Sawaiiki Dock Worker: I knew hosting the Federation here would've led to this, damn them![note 2]

Assassin 1 | Kaiser: All units, no need to share, everything is for the taking!
Mercenary | Master Goose: Easy for you to say, Sicario...

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Shout out to that poor bastard out yachting right now.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Really? Where?
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: 060 from the Silverwing.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Sucks to suck.[note 2]

AWACS | Galaxy: A reminder has just been sent to me from back in Cascadia: All aircraft, minimize collateral damage, we aren't here to start another war.

Federation Commander: Get our naval ships in blocking positions, Task Force 1 needs to launch!
Federation Defense: We're sacrificing our Navy for the airships?!

Mercenary Pilot (Male): So tell me, Sicario, how does one move up in your organization anyhow? As far as I remember, Sicario used to be beneath another bloke.
Sicario Pilot: Succession; the next, longest-waiting gets the position ahead of them, it's how all of it works here, right, Galaxy?
AWACS | Galaxy: Gunsel Lead, shut it before I shut off your IFF. [Gunsel Lead laugh]

Eliminate Task Force 1 moored in Sawaiiki Harbor

AWACS | Galaxy: Thermal signature rising, some of the airships are returning from patrol, we've got inbound!
Federation Airship: We're vectoring in hot! All defenders, be advised to clear the skies for our approach!

Federation Airship: Fire is spreading into the ballast tanks, [grunts] it'll take weeks to repair!
Federation Airship: All that matters is getting CIWS and weapons up and operational, these ships were meant to float anyway.

Sawaiiki Port Authority: Do you know how hard it is to fish cordium out of the ocean?! The port will be ruined!

Mercenary Pilot (Male): Hey Kaiser, you related to any of the old cabal?
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: The old mercenary council from Oceania? No, why?
Mercenary Pilot: Every Lord had their Signature, a mercenary they command but rule the battlefield in their name. Your Crown, he reminds me of another generation of us.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Monarch? There's a reason we call him what we do.

  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: There's just nothing they can do, we really caught them with their pants down.
    • Hitman 3 | Comic: Should've gotten your own plane out, Prez, perfect trial by fire here.
      • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: [chuckle] Nah, Monarch treats me just right for now.
        • Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Hey, Hitman 4 is a prestigious position, don't knock it ‘til you try it.

Federation Commander: Do you understand if we lose this fleet, we might lose this war?! Mobilize everything we have, the forces in Cascadia are relying on us!

Federation Defense: All this firepower and we're being picked apart by...mercenaries?!

Federation Defense: The Crown, I see it, take him down any way we can!

Eliminate Federation reinforcements

AWACS | Galaxy: ALCON, orders are to disengage and head out of Sawaiiki airspace. Our tanker aircraft are inbound now, you linger any longer and you'll be out of fuel before we get back.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: There it is, ladies and gentlemen, the worst airship loss in history all done because of us! [laughs] Oh, it's a good day to be a mercenary! Monarch, Hitman, dinner's on me!


Briefer: News outlets throughout the world have stated the obvious: Task Force 1 has been crippled in port. Lone airships remain in the region, but none with the combat experience or firepower as the Federation's main pride. Defensive positions held by the Federation banking on their arrival have quickly folded and the snowball effect has begun, the war is going our way thanks to you. The Kingdom of Sawaiiki has kept quiet regarding this, but collateral damage to their own facilities were kept to a minimum, what damage they did sustain, they blamed the Federation for not maintaining a proper defense despite what the Sawaiiki people have offered them. No matter the cost, however, this is a massive blow to the Federation that they can't possibly recover from.


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