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"We will rebuild this country, we will make it in the image of those who stood against the Federation."
― Independence Force HQ[2]

Independence Force HQ was the central command of the Cascadian Independence Force, made up of anti-Pacific Federation Cascadian political and military officers who believe in complete national sovereignty.[3]


Independence Force HQ started the Cascadian Conflict to swiftly capture Pacific Federation territory in-country to hold out against coming reinforcements, and assigned J. Griffiths as their representative for the mercenaries they hired through an Ambassador they sent out.[4][5] Unfortunately for them, the Federation quickly responded in a little over a month and took over their capital of Presidia, which they promptly evacuated their forces from.[6]

Independence Force command continued leading the war against the Federation. One example is directing Sicario to attack and destroy the Solana Communications Array while also securing as much encryption and intel as possible,[7] and another is gradually committing the entire Cascadian Air Force to the Bering Strait to intercept Federation transports airlifting veteran troops back to Federation territory to reorganize. This resulted in a giant furball which the CIF narrowly won, severely weakening the Federation Air Force.[8]

HQ rallied its forces for the final operations in the war, namely the Pacific Ocean blockade and sinking of the Federation 1st Naval Battlegroup[1] and the liberation of Presidia. In the latter battle, they directed infantry units to lead the advance and show no mercy to all Federation defenders in the capital, vowing to rebuild in their fighters' image post-war. Having discreetly cooperated with Federation High Command on a ceasefire by trying to retake as much territory as possible, they retook the entire capital minus the Port Authority Building when it was called.[9] They ordered all units to stand down and direct surviving Federation units into evacuation by ocean.[2]

Independence Force HQ's further actions after the disastrous end of the war are unknown.

Behind the scenes

Independence Force HQ is primarily represented by a female officer voiced by Adriana Mayes.[10]