Harkema Industrial Park

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"This rig is part of a naval-based private ownership property, leased out to several international companies including a firm called Icarus Armories. The Federation has recently deployed their own defenses to the rig, and on top of that, it's manned by private security forces."
CIF unit briefer[1]

Harkema Industrial Park was a set of private rigs established in the Scarred Sea circa AC 429. It was one of the numerous artificial settlements and rigs established in the sea.


There were several smaller platforms around three major ones. Each of them contained hi-spec weaponry such as railguns and SAM launchers for defense, as well as landing decks for planes. Cargo ships and cordium containers dotted the area, along with early warning radar buoys. The primary rig contained a runway for project testing.


The Harkema Industrial Park was established during the '29 tax scandal by Pacific Federation billionaire Kyl Harkema. Following the scandal, and much to the Cascadian government's chagrin, Icarus Armories acquired the park and used it for top-secret projects[2] such as the SP-34R and PW-Mk.I fighters, the latter of which is the brainchild of the Project Wingman program. Other international companies would hold a share of the rigs.

The main rig after being torched by Ronin

The projects were first observed at in early May AC 432 during the Cascadian Conflict by numerous fishermen, who described intense light bursts from the rigs. In response, on the 6th-7th, the Cascadian Independence Force sent Sicario's Hitman Team and Ronin SOF unit to the rigs to investigate, while also wiping out the defenses, partly manned by the mercenary Conrad Security. Ronin disabled some radar buoys, allowing Hitman a stealthy way in; these shutdowns were initially brushed off as heavy tide. Despite the use of untested experimental defense by Federation-aligned forces, Hitman dealt heavy damage to the facility and even shot down the SP-34R, flown by Klara Rask.

The rig complex in ruins after the attack

Ronin torch-and-burned the main facility, destroying it; on their way out, they detained several scientists who worked on the rigs. The PW-Mk.I, however, escaped to Sawaiiki, piloted by Crimson 7. Likewise, data collected by Rask during her fight with Hitman was uploaded to the Federation Core States beforehand to ensure redundancy.[1][3]


Harkema Industrial Park's real location is in Missoula, Montana, USA, which would be submerged under the Scarred Sea in-universe.