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"Icarus Armory, don't fail me today!"
― Pilots flying Icarus airframes

Icarus Armories (IC) is a weapons manufacturer that acts as an extension of the Pacific Federation government. Its main shareholder is Iccirus Holdings LTD.


As a weapons company possibly a step more important than Magansk Aeronautical Design Bureau or Henderson Corporation, Icarus Armories aims to advance Federation technology for military dominance. Its developments are described as based on "mad scientists' theories and dreams", and even though a lot of these projects end up aborted by Icarus researchers, they are still responsible for numerous hi-spec weapon and plane designs. These projects ensure the Federation maintains its lead in military tech.[1] One example is the Super Taurus land battleship, described as an "impractical abomination" despite its immense firepower.[2] Icarus' other projects include cordium-powered railguns.

Icarus is not shy of recruiting mercenaries, as evidenced by Klara Rask serving as a test pilot.


Icarus Armories was established from or by Iccirus Holdings LTD in AC 321, approximately a decade before the birth of the Federation in AC 332, after which it was nationalized.

Over a century later circa AC 429, it acquired Harkema Industrial Park in the Scarred Sea following a tax scandal[3] and developed the SP-34R and PW-Mk.I prototype fighters as part of the Project Wingman program. The facility was raided by Sicario during the Cascadian Conflict, however, and several scientists were detained and the SP-34R destroyed in a dogfight, though the PW-Mk.I was able to reach Sawaiiki[4] and was completed in the Federation Core States.[5]

In the war's early stages, Icarus refitted Task Force 1 in Oceania to improve their service lifetimes, preventing them from taking part in the war.[6] They also produced the X-PF, the PW-Mk.I's precursor, at some point, lending it to Rask for her second hunt for Sicario after losing the SP-34R.[7]


Icarus is a figure of Greek mythology who famously perished after flying too close to the sun, which fits with Icarus' cutting-edge developments and numerous failed top-secret projects. "Iccirus" is an alternate spelling of his name.