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"These Sicario fellas ain’t half bad."
"The hell you talking about? They’re taking all the dough."
Mercenary pilots[1]

The Sicario Mercenary Corps (SCMC), also known as the Sicario Group and Sicario Corp or simply Sicario, was a mid-level mercenary unit. Oriented towards aerial warfare, it was made up of three fighter wings with supporting ground, logistics, and EW units.

Unlike most other mercenary units of its size, Sicario's turnover rate was incredibly low, perhaps owing to its veterancy. They conducted their contracts out of superpower influence in the Periphery, and searched for an unknown big break.[2] During Arnold Frenken's leadership, some (rightly) suspected him of taking the job out of searching personal glory; regardless, Sicario's record was entirely effective and clean, avoiding heat from superpowers.[3]


Sicario's origins are shrouded in mystery, though it is known that before Arnold Frenken's tenure as Commander, it took part in numerous disastrous contracts for years, and was considered "beneath another bloke" by some.[4] The Pacific Federation has few intelligence records on the organization, which had in the past illegally leaked into their national borders without incident.[5]

Ever since Frenken took leadership of it, Sicario became much more successful, breezing through defensive and offensive contracts one after another for money.[2] Notably, despite staying away from superpowers, they illegally crossed into Federation territory a number of times, though without incident.[6]

Their most fateful contract perhaps was the Cascadian Conflict, where they consistently displayed exemplary performance and success rates and were one of the first and only groups to arrive in-country and deploy as quickly as possible. In fact, they were even hailed as a return of top-level mercenaries from the Oceanian War.[7] They also distinguished themselves as the finest mercenaries hired by the Cascadian Independence Force. On occasion, it even took the lead in various mercenary operations, to the point they took over entire sorties, hindering other mercenaries,[8] and certain squadrons became envious.

Unfortunately for the PMC, Sicario was heavily reduced in the Cascadian Calamity Event, being reduced to at least their core units with others like Ronin being presumed dead. They kept on fighting in form of the Deal to the end, however, and what losses they suffered were substituted[9] by Periphery reinforcements brought for the war's final battles.[10]

Sicario's ultimate fate post-war is unknown, given its near-total destruction in the war overall and emphasis being put on its survivors as just that.




Aircraft and ground units


Airborne Warning and Control Systems


Ground units



Sicario's name is Spanish for "hitman." This perhaps suits the fact that Hitman Team is Sicario's most decorated element and Frenken's favored unit. In turn, "sicario" is a derivation from "sicarius," Latin for "dagger-wielder/man (later byword for "commissioned murderer")."

The Sicarii were a Jewish rebel group that attempted to expel the Roman Empire from Judea. Famously, they formed an alliance to perhaps, referenced by the CIF's capture of the FNS Jerusalem, which Sicario supported. Similarly to Jerusalem's destruction by Rome, the rechristened vessel was ultimately sunk by the Federation at the end of the war.


  • Sicario's briefing software always has the following transcript:
    V1.919293. REV3
    USERNAME GU1028518501
    PASSWORD ****************


    VERIFICATION ID 310347818930571
    8593 8593 09192 85481 0295
    98481 01923
    09123.tmp corrupted
    09123.tmp successfully purged
    09124.tmp successfully purged
    all archive successfully purged
    Starting a new instance…
    Instance Initiated.
    \\\CENE 4.8\\\
  • The callsigns of Sicario's two main squadrons, Hitman and Assassin, are respectively shared with the two central United States Marine Corps 1st Marine Division's 1st Reconnaissance Battalion companies (Alpha/Bravo) featured in the Generation Kill book and miniseries.
  • As of Patch 2.0.11, all major Sicario characters without TAC names have "Sicario |" as a subtitle prefix in general.