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The F/C-16 is a low-cost single-seat fighter. It can carry a moderate payload of Multi-Lock Anti-Air Missiles or unguided bombs, as well as a limited number (two hardpoints) of Multi-Lock Anti-Ground Missiles or Semi-Active Air Missiles.


  1. Gray tiger body, mercenary and Monarch markings. Seen throughout the campaign.
  2. White and light and dark blue with Federation Air Force markings. Seen throughout the campaign.
  3. Desert stripe camouflage with Federation Air Force markings; Frontline-59-utilized livery.
  4. Dark and light gray tribal pattern body with mercenary and Monarch markings.

Notable Units

  • Cariburn - Seen in Frontiers leaving the combat zone to the northwest with the rest of Sicario. Two members.
  • Gunsel Squadron - Seen in Frontiers accompanying you, Homestead, Sirens of Defeat,
  • Rift - Conquest mode only; can be hired as allies. Three members. Will use the SAM attachment. Health doubled.
  • Pascal - Conquest mode only. Normal elite enemy squadron, four members.
  • Ghost - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron, three members.
  • Wildcard Squadron - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member (Valkyrie).
  • Ranger - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member (Donahue).
  • Sierra Golf - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member (Fowl).
  • Beta Flight - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron aircraft.
  • 404th - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member (Anon).
  • The Garden - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron, five members.
  • Anubis - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron, five members (Mummy 1 to Mummy 5).


Sicario's Gunsel Squadron flew F/C-16s during their service, including throughout the Cascadian Conflict, in flights of four. Other mercenaries have employed the light aircraft as well, notably during the failed attempt at liberating Prospero (six), Operation Welder (four), and the *Second Battle of Presidia.[1][2]

The Cascadian Independence Force had four of these aircraft defending the Wild Boar Regiment against a Federation siege, where the Federation likewise involved a pair of F/C-16s.[3] The Federation, meanwhile, had five of them stationed at Rowsdower Air Force Base[4] and deployed dozens to the subjugation of Presidia, the Bering Strait furball, the CIF Offensive Campaign; these deployments incurred heavy losses on the aircraft.[5][6]

Six F/C-16s defended the Apodock Fracture from mercenary assault.[7] Two took part in the hunt for the stolen FNS Jerusalem[8] Three defended Wai Mami Port from another mercenary attack.[9]


The F/C-16's name in the game files was the "Freedom". This was also its original description:
"Designed as an air superiority fighter, the F/C-16 was the variant of this aircraft that saw the most usage by the Federation during the Oceanian Rebellion, where it went head to head with mercenary S/V-37s and Accipiters during the protracted air war over the continent.
"Part of a design philosophy that championed a particular theory of energy fighting, the F/C-16 found use in its later years in a more versatile role that contrasted it with the now ubiquitous F/C-15.
"The Federation keeps an inventory of F/C-16s to send off toward new member states to bolster their defense forces, however, through black market means, many end up on the secondary market and are claimed by private groups, who use the still relatively advanced aircraft to deadly effect."[10]