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The Accipiter is a multirole aircraft with VTOL capabilities.


The Accipiter's six hardpoints can mount a large payload of bombs, rockets, and/or gunpods. It can accommodate four Medium Gunpods and two Canister Gunpods in total, a larger gun loadout than any aircraft except the Sk.25U and the SP-34R.

It can also slow to zero speed without stalling, although speeds below 10 knots will sink it during level flight and you must point its nose upwards to maintain altitude.


  1. Gray body with mercenary and Monarch markings.
  2. Blue marine camouflage with orange linings on hardpoints, tail, nose, and cockpit outlines, Federation Navy markings. Seen throughout the campaign.
  3. Black body with red outlines on hardpoints, wings, tail, nose, and cockpit.
  4. Skin 03 but white and green.

Notable Units

  • Wonder - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron, seven members.


During the Cascadian Conflict, the Federation sortied at least six Accipiters into the Bering Strait at the time of Operation Guillotine. All of them were shot down.[1]

Conrad Security operated six Accipiters at Harkema Industrial Park guarding the facility. Likewise, all of these jump jets were shot down by Sicario's Hitman Team in a raid.[2]


  • The aircraft is named after a genus of birds, Accipiter (part of the Accipitridae family), which includes harriers.
  • Due to the fact that your wingmen are scripted to follow you, slowing the Accipiter down to hovering will result in a somewhat comical sight of your wingmen, and sometimes even AWACS Galaxy, hovering behind you.


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