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The ACG-01(T1)[1] Chimera is a prototype aircraft. Larger, slower, and less maneuverable than other prototypes, it is principally defined by its huge weapons payload and the belief that it is the first mercenary-designed aircraft of the After Calamity Era.[1]

It is the first prototype unlocked in Project Wingman, therefore giving the player an edge.


  1. Dark gray body with white leading edges, mercenary and Monarch markings.
  2. Skin 1 with large amounts of gray blue patches added onto the ventral surface, resembles Skin 1 of the VX-23.


Despite having the lowest stats of all prototypes, the ACG-01 is capable of being equipped with a sizeable multirole or even air-to-air/ground payload. Its large amount of hardpoints enables it to carry a lot of bombs and missiles.

Its capabilities are enhanced further in Conquest mode, with its RDBMs being able to stick easily to agile enemy aircraft and vaporize large chunks of airships. Further still, the EUFB can function as a last-resort WMD for erasing a large number of targets.


The front half of the Chimera is believed to be derived from the Sk.50 prototypes. The twin engines are unlicensed copies of a Henderson Corporation model power plant.

Following the Cascadian Conflict, legislative elements found that the wings are most likely lifted from Henderson's Syndicane Research group.[1]


  • Top speed: Mach 2.05 at cruising altitude
  • Combat range: 500 kilometers with standard combat load
  • Crew: 1 pilot
  • Armament: 2x Krag 20mm rotary cannons[1]

Notable Units

  • 404th - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member, one aircraft (Thunderceptor).


The Chimera is believed to have been the brainchild of Mercenary Cabal industrial espionage. Spies sent data on then-classified Magansk Aeronautical Design Bureau and Henderson projects, hence its name.

During the final stages of the Oceanian War, the Pacific Federation found blueprints and MADB-made prototype airframes of the Chimera. Following the war, Cascadian munitions companies such as Cascadian National Industries began producing working copies to anticipate hypothetical war between their country and the Federation.

However, when war did break out, the Chimera did not see use within the Cascadian National Guard due to never being delivered for use before. Instead, they saw use by mercenaries on the side of the Cascadian Independence Force. With the country falling under mercenary influence after the war, it is on track to become the mainstay of the Cascadian Air Force.[1]



  • The Chimera was created from a series of votes on 4chan's /aceg/ general chat[2] and the developer offered to feature it in the game,[3] explaining the designation.
  • The Chimera's design resembles the Sukhoi Su-57, the General Dynamics F-16XL, and the BAE Systems Tempest.
  • Matthew Nguyen hinted on the Chimera's real purpose by commenting it was the Cabal's "forbidden last will" and "vengeance incarnate" while looking at Chimera fanart.[4]