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The EP-215 is a transport helicopter. They are unarmed and their only skin is a light green camouflage.


Sicario's Ronin SOF flew a pair of EP-215s into Fort Daggerpoint to secure the seized cargo ship Meilynx during Operation Red Current.[1]

During the Cascadian Conflict subsequent, the Cascadian Independence Force sent in a trio of these helicopters to reinforce the Wild Boar Regiment in some way during Operation Water Stable.[2] Their SAR unit Jesterfield flew a pair of these as well in evacuating units in Operation Red Coast.[3]

EP-215s were also present at major facilities such as the Apodock Fracture[4] and Harkema Industrial Park,[5] both of which were evacuated by personnel on those choppers.

The Cascadian Firefighting Corps used these helicopters to put out fires set by the Pacific Federation at Grimwood Forest during the CIF Offensive Campaign.[6]