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The I/A-52 is a bomber aircraft. Its only skin is a jet black hull with a red tail.


Like all utility aircraft, they are slow and poorly maneuverable. Their only defensive armament is a tail gun which provides miniscule defense. and has no defensive armament outside of specific encounters in the campaign where they have a functional tail gun. They will take three standard missiles or two multi-lock missiles.

One must also remember that like other utilities, the I/A-52's wreckage retains its hitbox, meaning it can take the player with it via crashing even after its destruction.

Notable Units


The bomber's deployment history in the Cascadian Conflict is rather brief; eight of them were seen in Operation Water Stable on the Federation side (including Silverback and Ixiom) closing in on besieged CIF positions to flatten them. They were all shot down in the battle.[1]

The CIF Kornhill bomber unit, in I/A-52s, bombarded Federation positions in Presidia during its evacuation.[2]