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The MG-31 is a two-seat interceptor.


  1. Light grey body with dark grey nose, wingtips and rudder tips, black anti-glare panel, mercenary, Monarch, and Prez markings (the latter near the copilot seat). Seen throughout the campaign.
  2. Gray-blue body with black nose and dark blue stripes running down the dorsal surface, Federation Air Force markings. Seen throughout the campaign.
  3. Yellow fuselage with black, brown and light grey splinter camouflage pattern, black nose and stripe running down the centerline of the fuselage, Federation Air Force markings.


The MG-31 the second-fastest aircraft in Project Wingman (after the PW-Mk.I) and has exceptional acceleration, but lacks any air-to-ground special weapons. In terms of maneuverability, it is highly responsive but has very limited maximum turning rates.

Notable Units

  • Augment - Only fought in Frontiers on Mercenary difficulty. Capable of using the AOA Limiter.
  • Tajern - Conquest mode only. Normal elite enemy squadron, four members.


Mercenary forces utilized the MG-31 in the Cascadian Conflict's Operation Flash Hazard, supporting Sicario's Hitman Team.[1] In the last stages of Operation Sea Farer, Federation Regional Cascadian HQ launched coastal Kiiyo cruise missiles against the stolen FNS Jerusalem in a last-ditch attempt to sink it, four MG-31s escorting them. The missiles were downed by Hitman, however.[2]

A squadron of four MG-31s were escorting the Federation air train and patrolling Wensleydale Range[3] and the adjacent Solana Communications Array.[4] In addition, mercenary and Federation forces deployed MG-31s to the Bering Strait during Operations Guillotine and Manifest Destiny; both operations resulted in heavy losses for both sides and the aircraft.[5][6]


The MG-31s

Two parked Federation MG-31s using Skin 02 appear on the right side of the main menu.