Wensleydale Range

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Wensleydale Range is a large mountain range in Cascadia. It is the site of the Chaohord Defense Region and the last Cascadian mountain range before proper entry into the Dustlands.


The mountain range's Chaohord Defense Region featured Cascadian National Guard defense facilities widespread enough to take on large squadrons of aircraft (mainly mercenaries and smugglers) intruding the region at high altitude, since it borders Cascadia and the Dustlands.[1] Settlements and snow mark out the entire mountain range, along with a plethora of air defenses split into seven clusters. A number of Pillars of Communications are planted as well.


The mountain range's defense facilities were taken over by the Pacific Federation during the Cascadian Conflict and were subsequently neutralized singlehandedly by Monarch in a night raid on April 3, AC 432.[2]

When the Cascadian Calamity Event happened, Wensleydale was among the regions affected, although only half of it was swept up.[3] The Cascadian Independence Force retook the whole region by August 12.[4]


  • The mountain range's coordinates correspond to Whitehorn, Colorado, USA. This, however, puts it farther northeast from the Solana Communications Array than depicted in-game.
  • Wensleydale Range and the Chaohord Defense Region are named after Kickstarter backers.[5]