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"Prospero, the economic heart of this side of the world. Even the cities of Moira and Byzantiun in the Federation are challenged by it. This was a city whose main purpose was to breed trade, both coming into Cascadia and coming out."
CIF unit briefer[2]

Prospero was a founding city of Cascadia near the Scarred Sea. It was the country's largest airship port and a center of international trade in the western hemisphere. It was powered by an inactive volcano and is often considered the world's busiest airport, with a considerable population keeping the city running.[2][1]

The trade city was devastated by cordium missile strikes from a Pacific Federation mobile artillery battalion[3] and rendered nearly uninhabitable on June 2, AC 432,[2] being designated a "No Man's Land".[4]


The city is surrounded by dams on the coast and greenery from nearby mountain ranges. It was made up of numerous skyscrapers and other tall buildings and featured four waterborne runways stretching out from an underground airbase. Buried underneath Prospero are inert geothermal and cordium deposits. There was a geological monitoring station in the city. After the Prospero Disaster, half the runways were sunken and in disrepair.


Little is known of Prospero's history outside of being one of Cascadia's founding cities prior to AC 0.

Early in the Cascadian Conflict, the Pacific Federation conquered Prospero, establishing its regional headquarters there.[5] Most of Federation air traffic operated from Prospero for the duration of its use.

As the war situation worsened for the Federation, their higher-ups concocted a secret plan to level the city using cordium-tipped cruise missiles to terrify the Cascadian Independence Force into ending the war in the Federation's favor. They camouflaged this plan around May 26, AC 432 by shutting down the city's airspace and geomonitoring station and seizing civilian aircraft for evacuating VIPs, stranding the locals in the process.

Prospero after the disaster

The CIF began shelling the city in the few days leading up to their invasion of the city on June 2, knocking out numerous ground and air defenses, although counterattacks from Federation fighters continued. Led by General Morgan Elizabeth, they nearly retook it in Operation Anticipation when the Federation carried out its plan and destroyed the city, inadvertently setting off the Cascadian Calamity Event in the process; Elizabeth himself was vaporized by one of the missiles.[2] The city was subsequently abandoned aside from a handful of Federation patrols, although the CIF reoccupied it as a base for the assault on Presidia exactly two months later. It was during this second recapture attempt that the Federation Peacekeeper Crimson Team was shot down and killed except for their leader.[4]


  • Prospero's coordinates place it in Elko, Nevada, USA. Coincidentally, the city itself is the largest in its own self-named county and serves as an economic hub in Ruby Valley, mirroring Prospero's role.
  • Prospero is an unintentional reference to the planet of the same name from Warhammer 40,000. The city is meant to be named after Kickstarter backer and special credited Paul Prospero.[6] The fate of Project Wingman’s Prospero even mirrors that of its counterpart.