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"The Cascadian White Fleet, the diplomatic flotilla turned into warships. K-9, you can take them down, it's not impossible."
AWACS Vita[1]

The Cascadian White Fleet (CSC WF)[1] was a diplomatic airfleet used by the Cascadian government for foreign relations duties.

The fleet came to General Faust's possession as her personal fleet,[2] perhaps during the Cascadian Conflict, and against its first sworn duty was militarized into giant birds of war, on top of that incorporated into the General's Marine Black Eagle Division.[1]

Its one known emblem being the Cascadian Independence Force logo crudely blotted over the Pacific Federation stars suggests the fleet was under Federation purview superseding Cascadia's prior to its retrofit.


"All ships, lock with the Roosevelt, bring everything to bear!"
― General Faust[1]

Though only slightly larger than an average airship group and significantly overshadowed in size and influence by Federation Task Force 1, the CDV Roosevelt, the White Fleet's flagship, received extensive weaponization, with powerful AA flak and HPBCs for aerial crowd control and anti-ground batteries, impeding any ordinary air attack.


"The enemy fleet has taken massive damage, we're getting collateral debris raining down!"
― E-6 Actual[1]

The Cascadian White Fleet became recorded data in the Federation International Intelligence Agency watchlist at one point.[1] During the Cascadian Conflict, General Faust had the airships prepared around the Magadan Invasion and let others know beforehand of her vertical flotilla.

Having had her plans slowed down by Federation Air Reserve Division K-9, she realized only equal airpower could beat the upstart irregular aces, but near the end of her campaign, refused to deploy them anywhere, laying low for a while on her true motives until halfway when she announced them to her remaining forces.

Faust abandoned her command post,[2] boarding the Roosevelt and leading her forces on a two-day one-way trip to Base Station Zero in the Arctic Circle to take out the station, in the process plunging Magadan into a deep fatal winter and possibly the Federation with it.

The White Fleet faced off against the now-prominent K-9, who Faust called a thorn on her side since the invasion began. Despite reinforcements from Cascadian Air Force elements, the fleet only caused some damage to Base Station Zero and met its end at the Federation aces' hands, which took it apart systematically despite a difficult battle.

The Roosevelt, deprived of all weaponry and receiving direct hits, suffered an overload to its cordium reactors, leading to a catastrophic detonation that killed all onboard the giant airship.[1]


The Cascadian White Fleet is an homage to the United States Navy Great White Fleet, a group of battleships that was sent on an ambassadorial global trip. The fleet was split into two squadrons and had smaller escorts; notably, the Cascadian equivalent's escort airships split into two groups and, instead of mercenary fighters, had true-blue Cascadian Air Force air cover.

The historical White Fleet was deployed on order of US President Theodore Roosevelt, which is reflected by his name's inheritance by flagship Roosevelt - a converted air battleship.

On its own, a "white fleet" is any armed forces' arsenal of combat-incapable vehicles, which is defined by civilian and recruitment vehicles and staff officer-designated transports.


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