Crosstalk Squadron

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"Where the hell have you been?! We need support now!"
"This is Crosstalk Squadron, commencing intercept, let’s get these dogs off of our lot."
ATC operator and Crosstalk[1]

Crosstalk Squadron was a Cascadian Air Force fighter squadron that remained loyal to the Pacific Federation in the Cascadian Conflict.[2] As a secondary squadron stationed as reinforcements for sustained frontline losses, Crosstalk was assigned to Rowsdower Air Force Base.[3]


"We got an alert we had mercs crossing the border, this must be that wolfpack."
― Crosstalk[1]
Crosstalk's destruction

Crosstalk Squadron, while on patrol, received an air raid alert from Rowsdower, but arrived too late to reinforce their base and was defeated in Operation Carpet Dawn.[1]