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Air Cascadia is an airliner company based out of Cascadia.


Air Cascadia was operating airliners through the Zhirov Air Corridor as of March 21, AC 432 during the Cascadian Conflict when mercenary aircraft aligned with the Cascadian Independence Force began shooting down C/T-17 cargo planes belonging to the Pacific Federation. They were then ordered by the Federation Aviation Agency to forward IFF data and land immediately to avoid civilian casualties; their crew, meanwhile, had the passengers shutter all windows, although they themselves complained about being caught in a warzone and had to deal with passengers snapping photos by confiscating phones citing security reasons. Ultralight to medium flights were ordered to stay below 5,000 feet while heavy and superheavy flights, went above 20,000 feet to avoid combat; Anura-class airships had the ports while the 205-classes were redirected to runways.[1]


Despite only being shown to operate C-8s and Littorias in-game, they are implied via radio chatter to operate other types of airships.


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