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Project Wingman is a single-player arcade flight action video game developed by Sector D2 and co-published with Humble Games. It released on PC on December 1, 2020. The game is a homage to the Ace Combat series and features many of its gameplay and story elements, such as enemy ace squadrons and sci-fi weapons and vehicles.

The campaign takes place on a future post-apocalyptic Earth called the "World on Fire." The player character, Monarch, is a mercenary pilot of the PMC Sicario, hired by the nation of Cascadia in its war for independence from the Pacific Federation. The PlayStation 5-exclusive Frontline-59 side campaign added years later centers around a Reserve Divisions-attached Federation Air Force pilot named Driver fending off a Cascadian invasion of his homeland Magadan in the war's midst.


Project Wingman is a flight shooter game where the player flies a combat plane into battle and destroy enemy targets. The player can choose from over 20 aircraft inspired by real-life combat jets and equip them with special weapons. First and third-person views are available, with the former having the option of non-cockpit view. VR and HOTAS are both fully supported. If the player crashes, gets shot down, fails an objective, or flies out of the combat zone, then their are taken to a Mission Failed screen where they can either quit or restart the mission from the beginning.

Two game modes offer the player to play either the Campaign or Conquest. In Campaign mode, prior to each mission, the player receives a briefing detailing enemies, objectives, and events. Conquest mode presents the player with a territory capture game in which the player must complete combat missions in order to capture territories. There is an Alert level that starts at zero and slowly increases over gameplay time, leading to spawning enemies more numerous and skilled. After each mission, the player receives Prestige points and cordium engines to recruit pilots and buy airships as allies.

The player starts out with trainer aircraft, but can use Credits to purchase better planes, earning them throughout missions by destroying enemies. All planes start with standard missiles (STDM) and unlimited flares, but can be equipped with more than one special weapon along with special AOA Limiters as an alternate module. Credits can be earned through allied kills as well, though only 40% of the actual score would be deducted into Credits. Frontline-59 ditched the Credits for a mission-based aircraft unlock system.

Additionally, an in-game Campaign-only codex named the Files Archive exists which allows players to learn about the lore behind characters, locations, factions, and story events. The archive is expanded as the campaign progresses, some entries containing revelations and events not featured in the actual storyline.

There are four difficulty levels, with each descending difficulty corresponding to tougher and more difficult enemies. Mercenary difficulty (aka Mercenary Mode) is unlocked after completing the Campaign mode for the first time, and features additional enemies on several missions as well as a dialogue-only extended ending.

  • Easy - The enemy is more than willing to help you feel your way around the aerial battlefield. For first-time players.
  • Normal - The enemy will go toe-to-toe with you, and a little struggle is needed to best your enemies. Recommended for casual play.
  • Hard - The enemy wants you dead, and will do anything in order to make that so. For experienced pilots out there.
  • Mercenary - Death awaits.

For even further difficulty, game modifiers can be enabled that will completely change the nature of gameplay. Unique combinations will make the game harder or easier to play, or even both at the same time.

In place of the absent save/load system is the option to reset all Campaign mode progression. Therefore, all purchased aircraft, unlocked Files Archive entries, and completed missions are locked away and will have to be earned again in a new playthrough.

For HUD options, you can adjust the FOV, camera sway and rotation, and AOA view as well. Unit HUD scale in VR and normal view is adjustable, along with whether or not to have full cockpit HUD. The HUD can be switched from the standard orange color to green, blue, and white. On a lesser note, the subtitle can be moved from up to bottom corner of the screen. The available localization options include German, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Chinese.



Project Wingman started out as a "free time venture" as far back as 2016. Since then, various demo videos and playable demos were released. May 21, 2017 saw the release of Update 1 of Alpha Test 4, and February 21 the following year seeing Revision 2 of Alpha 5. This is detailed in the gallery below. Three months after the Update 1 release, Epic Games rewarded the developers a monetary grant of US$18,000, which according to Matthew Nguyen accelerated development past crowdfunding as well as enlarging its potential.[1] [2]

Developer admission declared a clear vision of the game from the beginning, even trying in-game cutscenes. Numerous inspirations, including Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, were cited. The first cutscene was recorded on August 9, 2017.[3] Eventually, however, cutscenes were scrapped for the sake of pacing as well as designing the game's writing around the lack of cutscenes; Nguyen clarified later they always intended for "The Deal" cutscene to be the only one in-game.[4] When questioned about multiplayer play, Nguyen said it was not in the development scope so they could focus on a decent singleplayer experience.[5]

The game's Kickstarter page opened on May 29, 2018. Within 16 hours, the game reached its AU$35,000 funding goal. A meeting was held 12 hours after funding completion, in which the staff decided to put Stretch Goals behind properly finishing the game. Abi Rahmani, the main developer, posted on the 31st about the funding and expressed his gratitude. He promised to make the best of the game to his ability. In addition, a May 2019 release date was estimated.[6]

One week later on June 6, Rahmani reported that feedback on the demo has led to extensive playtesting and adjusting Conquest mode. As well, funding exceeded 222% of the requirement and the Operation Blackout soundtrack released the previous week was promoted.[7] Nguyen later revealed most of the playtesting was done on keyboard controls because they were "too lazy" to install controllers.[8]

On June 25, version 0.4.1 of the demo was released, featuring Conquest mode for the first time. The same week, funding reached AU$97,000.[9] During the month, the dev team acquired a total 2,180 backers and AU$103,251 in the process of developing the game engine. They also added ten more "Ace Squadron Scout" tier slots for those missing out and wanting their names becoming ace squadron names in-game. Funding concluded two days after the July 1 announcement, with a total AU$114,544 and 2,467 backers.[10] On that day, the Project Wingman Discord server was promoted, and monthly updates were promised. A final patch was announced as well.[11]

On July 18, surveys were held for backers to earn their rewards. VR testing was also announced, with a 21-second video attached on the Kickstarter website.[12]

In late August, GameTomo, a Japanese conglomerate of game developers and publishers, invited Rahmani to their Game Developers from Around the World incubator program in Tokyo for a week. There, he discussed development-related ideas and hurdles.

On September 26, version 0.4.5, the final update for the demo, was released. The following day, details were given about the demo's changes: Bug fixes, quality of life changes, among other things. Concurrently, campaign development was reported to be smooth, and its script was constantly revised with new ideas. The old logo was altered into its present one.[13]

The game was showcased at the Perth Games Festival, with an exclusive demo showcasing more features compared to previous versions.

Project Wingman at the Perth Games Festival

On January 25, 2019, the 2018 Kickstarter Trailer soundtrack was released on YouTube. A month later on the 4th, a VR gameplay video of the Pillars of Communications demo was released. According to the developers, the mission would be updated to new standards to fit with other missions. Lighting, VFX, UI, and environmental improvements were made, with varied weather being developed. Cockpit modeling was said to be the most difficult to perform; because of this, a new workflow was discovered to ensure shorter development times. Landing and carrier operations have improved detailing. The SV-37 was the first aircraft to receive the workflow, before the demo releases. In addition, the F/E-18's cockpit received a massive overhaul. A partial human pilot model, comprised of a torso and a pair of legs, was properly included as well. AI can now takeoff from runways. In addition, the decision was made to upgrade the Unreal Engine version to v4.24. Although it took a long time, the game was optimized for the new version, as well as a Steam store page. Backer rewards were now in progress.[14]

On May 16, a developmental delay was announced; this is due to optimization attempts at urban environments and the need to "include a few sci-fi-like elements" to the game's cities, as well as campaign development slowing down gameplay development. Revisions to its takeoff and landing sequences were made. A pair of videos showcasing the Sk.25U were attached. Plane skins for distinguishing factions and briefings were in progress. The UI was now confined to 16:9. VFX improvements continued as well. Carrier takeoffs were evidently scrapped at this point due to difficulties, as shown by an attached video. Despite the general developmental woes, development on the game somewhat proceeded by.[15]

On August 11, Rahmani reported they had spent much progress on the campaign, gameplay, and assets. Game engine migration was reportedly complete. In place of the lack of new demos, a new limited alpha testing version is promised. Enemy spawn rates were reworked to avoid performance cluttering. As well, the radar placing was reworked so it does not rely excessively on the GPU, which overloaded in older versions; in general, performance improvements were underway. Multi weapon racks and helicopters were added into the game. Progress on the campaign reportedly went by smoothly; Nguyen said character scripting was top priority, and he did not want to "fall into some clichés". Regarding backer rewards, they were in the process of integrating Aerospace Engineers rewards and integrating all selected names. The hangar underwent a redesign and the F/C-16 and the Accipiter were teased.[16]

On December 4, the developers stated they were in an important point in development. Plans were made to include multiple urban environments. Handcrafting, despite yielding better results, was simplified to a realistic workflow, using a homemade City Generator tool. In addition, mouse control and gameplay integration of VR has become highly successful. Rewrites and boss fights were completed by now;[17] according to Rahmani, he drew inspiration from Space Runaway Ideon while drafting the story at first before Nguyen expanded it.[18]

The following year on August 28, the developers addressed having to work in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its publisher was confirmed to be Humble Games, who also lended help in localization and quality assurance. The game has, by now, gone gold. Additionally, "Fire with Fire" and "Active Contract" were promoted. It was also revealed that voicework was done from the Voice Acting Club. Achievements and an exclusive VR demo were prepared for the game. This is also the point the game's key cover art and the addition of having Robin Kuo in two-seater aircraft was revealed as well. A teaser video of Stepping Stone is attached.[19] Nguyen later said many of the VAs are knowledgeable in Ace Combat and its voicing format, most notably Kyle Quibell.[20]

On November 10, surveys were posted for backer rewards. As well, the AOA Limiter module and modifiers were introduced. Below is the overall developmental progress:

  • Campaign: 95%
  • Conquest: 80%
  • Assets: 90%
  • Audio: 90%
  • Post-Production: 95%
  • Polishing: 80%
  • VR Integration Campaign: 95%
  • VR Integration Conquest: 70%

A December 1, 2020 release date was confirmed as well.[21]

One week later, a campaign overview was given by Nguyen himself. He clarified they had to make do with the resources they had and therefore couldn't afford cutscenes. The Project Wingman Artbook was announced; it will feature additional lore bits from the story bible as well as a number of short stories. The story was planned cohesively from the beginning. This is also the beginning of the game world being referred to as the World on Fire.[22] Nguyen would later state the world took two years to conceptualize while the plot outline was done in about three days and the script a week in his childhood room.[23]

On November 22, Rahmani recapped on all the modes featured in the game.[24] Two days later, he stated that not every plane they teased would be in the game, due to "reasons that we’d rather not get into", although he assured they would look into adding some of them back in,[25] later including the Sk.30.[26]


Three days after launch, Nguyen announced the immediate need for patches and that the game was the second best-selling global release. A lot of issues surrounding hardware and VR configurations, subtitles, localization, and backer rewards were highlighted. Though he promised the game would be updated and maintained, there are no major plans for the future. He also noted the demand for more two-seater aircraft. All game keys were sent out, and the artbook would be released much later.[27] Nguyen explained the long delay by saying the team is not equipped for making update schedules; thus, it would be sporadic with long delays.[28] Years after on the Ace Combat Discord, he revealed his role in the English subbing and explained the numerous errors as most of the text taken straight from the script and difference of delivery or outright on-the-fly rewriting in the voice booth, and incredibly tight scheduling making it hard to readjust subtitles before release integration, not to mention the "mess" caused by different people handling non-English localization.[29] In addition, he explained the consistent capitalization of certain words (eg. "history," "mercenary," "rebel,") as a stylistic choice for word power emphasis.[30]

On February 20, 2021 on Reddit, the development team was questioned on a potential console port. Nguyen declined to comment formally, though he said it would be "pretty rad."[31] An actual port to the Xbox One would release seven months later.

On March 8, Rahmani showed four screenshots showing redefined clouds. Each screenshot contained either a VX-23 or MG-29, making up two of each, to tease the upcoming patch. He said it would be taxing to performance.[32]

On May 18, Nguyen presented four folders worth of generic vessel lines voiced by Kyle Quibell, along with 28 combat lines of Comic shooting down an enemy, even sharing some from Diplomat.[33] Their respective quote pages have the upcoming dialog transcribed. Two months later, he teased voicelines part of the next update, which were 33 audio files of "Prez_Pain" audio files, indicative of reactions to taking damage.[34]

On September 28, he showed a teaser loading screen featuring the Federation flag and airships in the background. The version number was v1., and "i dont[sic] know what to name this update yet" was overlaid.[35]

The audiovisual film Dawn: Animated Aerowar Audioplay began production around this year. However, Nguyen affirmed that no work on the play would interfere with continuing work on Project Wingman.[36]

The following year on January 29, he showed a clip of an F/C-15 tailing a C/T-17 dropping redesigned flares, one of many announced effects changes.[37]

On February 1, a live orchestra was announced. Along with that, the two Peacekeeper tracks with intros were promoted. In addition, the Project Wingman Artbook was teased once more, with a title change underway. v1.5 was also announced; it was promised to be a plethora of fixes, tweaks, localization, voiceovers, UI, and content additions including new aircraft, Files Archive entries, and weapons. Mercenary difficulty and Conquest mode were undergoing a restructuring. More updates were announced as well.[38] Two days later, he teased that there were three changelog bullet points that will slightly improve bombs.[39] Regarding the update's production several months later, Nguyen clarified their unconventional schedule means they were taking advantage of the privilege to explore as much as possible.[40][4]

On June 3, Rahmani previewed improved lighting, another effects change, through randomizing mission weather, previewing Mission 19 with weather from Mission 5.[41]

A month later, Nguyen posted about coordinating voice actors for script touchups and new performance coordination and posted an image teasing a Cascadian Independence Force soldier making dying noises.[42]

On October 29, Rahmani showed a video of an EUFB explosion dispersing clouds dynamically, saying they have a lot at work.[43]

On February 15, 2023, PlayStation Blog Germany had a leaked list (now taken down) of five upcoming PlayStation VR2 titles, including Project Wingman.[44]

On the 29th seven months later, a PSVR2-supported campaign expansion titled Project Wingman: Frontline-59 was shown on the PlayStation YouTube channel; it is expected to release within the year.[45] The same day, UploadVR reported playing a demo build in Gamescom 2023 (August 23-27). According to them, the expansion would be a six-mission campaign lasting 2-3 hours; details on the new narrative were also divulged. Highlighted missions included Stardust communicating from Independence Force HQ, Home Invasion's naval battle, and other missions including a dogfight - Frontline-59's very first in Bottom of the Barrel.[46]

The expansion, unveiled to be exclusive on the PlayStation 5 with VR2 compatibility, released on the 3rd next month along with its soundtrack. Rahmani also posted on the Kickstarter that Frontline-59 was the cause of the update silence for the immense effort it took with their unchanging team. With its release came a beta update platform numbered 2.0, far past 1.5 (.1 means a major or visible new feature added in). The team vied for beta testing to run the update past a wider audience. Nguyen, when questioned on the Discord server's FAQ channel, stated the team is in no position to announce exclusivity change and would keep the community posted soon should circumstances change.

The update had a new cloud system and remastered VFX, with XeSS, FSR, and DLSS options promised in the next beta update "soon." As of writing, Conquest mode is still undergoing a revision, more consideration put in beyond being a "horde mode island hopping slog;" enemy strength emphasized over quantity at higher Alert levels, balance changes, and a perk/part system giving more arcade/power variety. Mercenary difficulty was teased to be "completely ridiculous;" every mission would be covered to the point use of the PW-Mk.I, the resident superplane, is mandatory for casual play, and in addition to the expected changes, there would be "some surprises" that would up the game's "anime-esque action" quirk. More modifiers - both difficulty and gameplay - were announced.

Mod support (termed user-generated content or UGC) and more aircraft including potential new two-seater options were next on the spot; for example, skins were first-priority next to slots for custom aircraft, superseding the outright replacements that preceded this new feature. There were also efforts to link the game to Steam Workshop and initial prototypes were ran of a mission editor.

Rahmani closed by a restatement that the game is not as-a-service, that it had to be released gold - no further tweaking or development needed - and they did it to attend to a genre that was special to D2.

Me (FlyAwayNow), and RB-D2, and Jose could leave Project Wingman at any time forever, and if it lay there as it is, it would still be a game we’d be proud of. Not a perfect game, of course, but one that we know is fun and dramatic and cheesy and all the things that are the bread and butter of its genre. Now obviously we’re not gonna leave it as it lay, because we do live in a time where we are able to keep working on Project Wingman, a great base that we are familiar with and people still very much enjoy and would love to see expanded on, but we just ask for some patience in return, and we apologize for the last few years of silence on our end as we were concentrated on other efforts and the results of the original release. Within PW, work is being done, and we’ll let you in on the Deal as soon as we can. We’re glad you’re with us on this project, wingman![47]



August 21, 2016. Displays an F/E-18 testing out multi-lock capabilities against ground targets. Functions like a BML-U.

November 5, 2016. Displays an F/C-15 and an F/E-18 in a dusk environment, an F/D-14 and MG-31 in nighttime, and working radar on the latter craft.

December 3, 2016. Displays an F/E-18 in a hangar with all its special weapons, a revised UI, an Sk.27 in a dogfight over a night city, bombsight improvements, missile alerts, and AI and ally improvements.

April 30, 2017. Displays new cockpit interiors, rain effects, updated explosion, smoke, and environment visuals, new cockpit HUD and game settings menu, improved mouse and keyboard control, and addition of voice acting and music.

February 21, 2018. Displays the exclusive Chainlink mission, various effects improvements including weather, new ground attack arsenal, enemy airships, difficulty, an overhauled main menu, hangar, and loading screen.

March 12, 2018

February 4, 2019

January 13, 2020. Note that Comic flies an F/D-14.


May 29, 2018

May 28, 2019. Depicts VR gameplay of the Pillars of Communications mission.

June 13, 2020. Note the release date was stated to be Summer 2020.

August 31, 2020. Note the difference in lighting in some of the missions presented, and that the release date was "early 2021".

December 1, 2020

October 28, 2021

October 3, 2023


  • The various fonts used in the game are as follows:
    • The "PROJECT" part of the title uses Agency FB.
    • Modeseven for the briefing and location text on the maps.
    • Roboto for the subtitles.
    • Reload Light for the menu, version number, boss warnings, and mission intros.
    • PT Serif Pro Book for the bulk of Frontline-59.
  • A fan discovered that the missile alert sound was based on a Wells Fargo ATM beep, which Matthew Nguyen seemingly confirmed.[48]
  • Despite popular belief from other developers and the playerbase, Abi Rahmani merely intended to make a portfolio project not meant for commercialization out of Project Wingman, not for making a substitute game for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, which was pending multiple delays and a long release around the time. Kyle Quibell, AWACS Galaxy's voice actor, confirmed this on the Ace Combat Discord server through 2015-era documents.[49]


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