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This page includes a transcript of "Wayback," the sixteenth campaign mission of Project Wingman and the only one with a cutscene.


There is no briefing for this mission.

Mission Splash

There is no intro splash for this mission.

Mission Dialogue

Mission Start

AWACS | Galaxy: Hitman, stay glued to my plane, because I don't know if my transmission range is worth anything at this point; Rowsdower isn't responding on any frequency or any other rebel base I have on record, hell, even the Fed stations are down.
Hitman 3 | Comic: No shit we're not getting signals, you seen what's happening on the ground?!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Hey Galaxy, is this what I think it is? You know what, don't answer that. We should be getting out of the AO, out of this country, what the hell are we doing heading back to base?
AWACS | Galaxy: Because we're mercenaries, not heartless, we have to go see if the Boss and the rest of Sicario is okay, besides, we're not getting far if this is as widespread as it looks.

Return to Rowsdower

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Doesn't look like much of a home anymore, huh?
Hitman 3 | Comic: More reason to touch down and get our stuff.
AWACS | Galaxy: I should be close enough to transmit now, breaking brevity for a second: Rowsdower, this is Galaxy, transmit on any frequency on this range to signal that you're alive. [pause] Come on, I'd rather not inherit a graveyard.

Hitman 3 | Comic: Getting visual.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: More than that, getting contact!


Mercenary | Frost: And here they are, you're off the hook, sellouts.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: We really doing this again?!
Hitman 3 | Comic: They're fast!

Mercenary | Frost: Here I am, Hitman, you fired up? Come shoot me down.
AWACS | Galaxy: It's that pilot from offshore, along with her own pack of mercenary dogs!
Mercenary | Master Goose: Turns out picking up your scraps wasn't enough for us, Hitman, this was the better deal. It's all business, I'm sure you guys understand.

Hitman 3 | Comic: [screams] Just what we needed, Comic engaging!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Guess we're doing this, Diplomat throwing in!

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: I don't like our odds here!
Hitman 3 | Comic: Well, we're playing anyway!

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Sicario is toast, Mick, we should just cut it and run.
Hitman 3 | Comic: You think I'm running?! All my stuff is down there!
AWACS | Galaxy: We don't have the fuel to make it out of Cascadia anyway.

Mercenary | Master Goose: You're too good at your job, Monarch, you've got no right being around here.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: You lowlife rat, selling us out was the only way to get ahead?!
Mercenary | Frost: Look at history, the Feds will always find a way to win, Cascadia is toast.
Hitman 3 | Comic: You think we give a rat's ass about Cascadian independence?! We're mercs too!
Mercenary | Frost: Don't delude yourselves, there's always something personal about this profession.

Phase 2

Hitman 3 | Comic: I'll give it to you, not many take us out for a second date, sweetheart.
Mercenary | Frost: Well, I've been around the block, Oceania didn't treat those like you kindly right as the other cheek was turned. I worked for the highest bidder, that's our #1 rule, isn't it?
Mercenary | Master Goose: It's nice seeing you all on the backburner. [chuckle]
Mercenary | Frost: One mission, one battle, that's all you ever needed to live a comfortable life. I know how the pay works, why are you still in this gig?

Phase 3

Mercenary | Frost: It won't be just me in the end...Mr. Kennedy, Major London; the Senator's son and the disgraced squadron leader.
Hitman 2 | Peter Kennedy: How do you...? Who sold us out, how do you know our names?! Those other mercs wouldn't know!
Mercenary | Frost: When your Crown is so shiny, people tend to put the spotlight on it.

Eliminate the bounty hunters

Mercenary | Frost: God damn it! [pause] People like us, we were just...waiting for a world made where we rule, it's a shame I'm being put on ice now.[note 1] I'm clocking out, I'll see you all when you punch your cards.

AWACS | Galaxy: All targets off radar, I don't see any chutes.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Nice shootin', Boss.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Oh, what? Monarch's Boss now?
Hitman 3 | Comic: You look down there and tell me Frenken's alive.
???: I'll tell you myself, Ms. London.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Crap.
AWACS | Galaxy: Hold on, clearing up the signal, I recognize this pattern.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: This is Assassin 1 to all surviving units, cease radio silence.
AWACS | Galaxy: Good God, you were playing possum?!
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: You don't get my job that easy, Dominic. All survivors, saddle up and get airborne, we want above this goat rodeo as soon as possible.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Any of the Circus survive?
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Yeah, one plane, we're gonna get a headcount soon, why?
Hitman 3 | Comic: Load up the stuff from our barracks, sir, that's the least you could do for us after saving your asses.[note 2]
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Fair enough, Hitman 3, the runway seems intact, get down here and fuel up, I think we've about overstayed our welcome.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: What are we going to do now?! We're dead men, we're dead, the entire Bounty Hunters' Guild is gonna be right up our ass the second we're in any airspace that's not here!
Hitman 3 | Comic: We'll figure out something, let's just get down to the Boss and see what we've got.
Cascadia | Stardust: Sicario, I'm glad I've caught you, you better not be leaving.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: I don't think we're staying if that's what you want.
Cascadia | Stardust: You have a contract to complete.
AWACS | Galaxy: I'll switch your IFF to hostile real quick, flyboy, don't test me.
Cascadia | Stardust: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, I want to tell you something in person, please, just hear me out, stick around for five minutes, I beg you.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: [sighs] Dust Mother, I don't like where this is going...


Hitman 3 | Comic: We've had a really, really bad day, Stardust, you'd be making a big mistake if you told us to stay, you know that?
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Listen to the lady, she's got rank on you if you remember who she is.
Cascadia | Stardust: Quite frankly, Major London, I don't give a damn who you are and I understand, you don't want to be here, that's as true today as it was when you, Hitman, left Cascadia the first time, right?
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: You don't know a lick about us.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: You're on our ride out of here, either pay to come with us or go, whatever you do, don't waste our time.
Cascadia | Stardust: If I may make Cascadia's're still contracted to Cascadia, Sicario, you have a bargain to fulfill and quite frankly, you're worth more to us now than ever.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Look outside, you think there's a Cascadia left?!
Cascadia | Stardust: It looks worse than it is, promise, my countrymen are scattering to safe zones to shelter in place. We'll return, and soon enough after this hell passes, when we do, we'll need your help.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Me and my soldiers don't fight losing wars.
Cascadia | Stardust: This war will not be lost, not with all of you still remaining.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: All of us? What do you mean? Sicario has been nearly wiped!
Cascadia | Stardust: Perhaps, but for a man of your Boss' particular persuasion, Cascadia will offer you this to rebuild.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: There's nothing you can offer to get me to die for a lost cause, the earth itself opened up to fight you, don't you understand that?![note 3] [paper flapping] Jesus Christ...
Cascadia | Stardust: Is that enough, is that everything you want? [paper flapping]
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: A mission?
Cascadia | Stardust: Orders and what you need to carry it out, go to the Periphery and bring back everyone who can fight beneath your banner. For all Cascadia knows, you can just take this and run away with it never to return. But we put our trust in you to come back with the cavalry, if not, well, I guess you'll just be the lowlife mercenary who turned away when history needed him most.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: [sighs] You really are that desperate, aren't you? We'll see. [briefcase closing]
Hitman 3 | Comic: We won't, we have targets on the back of our heads, people will come hunting us. I don't care what Kaiser does, because it doesn't involve us.
Cascadia | Stardust: You three are our best pilots, Cascadia will protect you when this war has ended.
Hitman 3 | Comic: You're a fool for even trying to promise that, we aren't for sale, we're leaving. Go ahead and lose this war, this is your grave, lie in it.
Cascadia | Stardust: And you think running will be any better for you? The Federation has got your number and as far as I can tell, Cascadia's the only shot all of you have for living out the rest of your lives.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Send 'em for all I care, we're dead men walking.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Damn it, listen to yourself, woman, even if me and Monarch let you carry out this death wish of yours, we'll still be caught up with it! Stardust here, at least it sounds like he has an alternative!
Cascadia | Stardust: Correct. [briefcase opening]
Hitman 3 | Comic: What's that?
Cascadia | Stardust: Why don't you take a look first, Commander Frenken?
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: What the hell? That's...for...and...[note 4] It's not for me.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Come on, man, what is it?
Cascadia | Stardust: Take a look for yourselves.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Is... Is that what I think it is? Oh shit...
Cascadia | Stardust: You pull through for us, I'll give you more than your freedoms: Your lives; it'll be like as if the last 20 years never happened for you, you can have your new start or continue your life as it is right now, but this, it'll let you do that, you'll be free, you can do whatever you want, Cascadia owes you to have this.
Hitman 3 | Comic: This... This deal...if we make it, if you give us this, nothing goes back to normal.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: It's better than nothing, hell, a whole lot better than nothing. Galaxy, you stick around with Hitman, they'll need you, I'll go out of country for a bit, gather up an army.
AWACS | Galaxy: Aw come on, what the hell, why do I get to stay?
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Because I own you still. That and you'll do more good here as I go recruit.
Cascadia | Stardust: You'll stay in-country, continue the fight, keep us aboveground.
Hitman 3 | Comic: Well, we'll need a base for that, Rowsdower's about to be swallowed.
Cascadia | Stardust: We're working on it, options are slim at the moment, but-
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: There's a highway that never got the funds it needed out by the Daner Valleys, my dad saw to that. I know how Cascadian infrastructure bills were, the section should still be there?
Cascadia | Stardust: Aye, sounds like a good idea, lead the way?
Hitman 3 | Comic: You're still full of surprises, Peter.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: I aim to entertain.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Well, that's it, then. Hitman, I'll be seeing you.
Cascadia | Stardust: Hitman, find your place and stand by, if those highways you say are good, we'll be sending more pilots your way to support. When the orders come down, you better be up to it.


There is no debriefing for this mission.


  1. Subtitles say "It's a shame I'm going to miss it."
  2. Subtitles omit "that's the."
  3. Subtitles add "man" at the end.
  4. Subtitles omit "for...and. .."