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This page includes a transcript of "Cold War," the eleventh campaign mission of Project Wingman.

Contract Details



CIF | Stardust: All pilots, listen up, I'm getting in my plane right now, so when this briefing is done, I expect to see all of you running.
Briefer: All allied air power not currently predisposed in other operations are to be scrambled immediately and make their way to the Bering Strait. In the days since the destruction of the Solana Communication Relay, the Federation has been disorganized and subject to our own electronic warfare countermeasures, it is because of this our first conventional victories up and down the frontlines are being reported, and the Federation is dealing with losses it hasn't had to deal with in decades. Recently, in order to improve individual unit combat effectiveness, the Federation has been discharging Cascadian-manned units and replaced them with soldiers who aren't nationals, subsequently, many of our once-misguided countrymen have defected and are providing us with invaluable intel and manpower. Earlier today, one of our patrols caught a group of transports using the cover of an arctic storm to get unorganized and underpowered Federation units out of Cascadia, probably to regroup and redeploy later. The patrol engaged and the Federation sent more fighters to cover them. Seeing as these transports represent the bulk of Federation forces who have experience fighting us, we did not want them to regroup, so we sent more reinforcements. Squadron leaders and base commanders on both their side and ours have been escalating force deployment ever since combat began, high-profile squadrons in our forces and theirs are currently present. This snowball effect, however, has inadvertently created by all accounts what is turning out to be the most expansive aerial battle in the war thus far and is steadily falling out of control, we cannot let the Federation have any more of their forces escape and regroup even if it means the largest furball in history.

Mission Splash

65°53’49" N, 172°21'39" W | WEATHER: BLIZZARD | 1305 LOCAL TIME

Mission Dialogue

Mission Start

Cascadian Pilot: My IFF’s overloaded, there’s too many bogeys in the sky!
Cascadian Pilot: We’re getting torn up out here, where are the reinforcements?!

Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Let’s get to business.
Cascadia | Stardust: Where the hell have you guys been?! Half the Federation Air Force is here!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Who the hell thought this was a good idea?!
AWACS | Galaxy: This is the mercenary AWACS Galaxy to all allied callsigns, flashing ident to any IF AWACS, how copy?[note 1] What?! What do you mean I’m the only friendly AWACS left in this AO?! [grunts] Fine! All friendlies, I’m in charge now, begin handshake procedures and try to stay alive! All units, engage at will, establish air superiority!
Federation Pilot (Male): We have any more reinforcements?!
Federation Command: Negative, almost every combat-capable fighter this side of the world is inbound.

  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: Galaxy, are you sure we can keep the IFF connection stable in all this?
    • AWACS | Galaxy: With the comm array we shut down out of play? Come on, you don’t pay me for my charm.

Federation Pilot (Male): Who the hell chose this route of evac for the transports?
Hitman 3 | Comic: Come on, you Fed blowhards, come take me on!
Cascadian Pilot: My IFF’s busy as hell!
Cascadian Pilot: Then clear it up by shooting them down!
Federation Transport: If we try to do any maneuvers in this, we’re more likely to crash into our escorts!
Cascadian Pilot: We got new mercenary IFFs in the area, who do we got?
Cascadian Pilot: Positive contact, looks like Sicario’s here!
Cascadian Pilot: Yeah, well, the only team worth a damn is Hitman!
Federation Pilot (Male): Watch it, those pilots that the Peacekeepers keep talking about are here.
Federation Pilot (Male): That asshole with the Crown with them?
Cascadian Pilot: Their flight lead is worth every cent we’re paying him, look at him.
Cascadian Pilot: I didn’t think mercenaries like that were around anymore, not after Oceania.
Federation Pilot (Male): Taking on a king in a battle royale, just our luck.
Federation Command: [ping] We’ve got the A-okay from Crystal Kingdom: Peacekeeper deployment confirmed, rerouting from other theaters.
Federation Pilot (Male): What?! Are we still escalating?!
Federation Command: The Peacekeepers were never meant to wage war outright, they were meant to stop it from escalating to this point!
Cascadian Pilot: We’ve got Federation squadrons from their mainland flying.
Cascadian Pilot: Just our luck, then, none of them have the combat experience we have.
Federation Pilot (Male): The rebels have better pilots than we expected.
Federation Pilot (Male): Of course they are, only the good ones have survived this long.
Mercenary Pilot (Male): Never in a million years I'd thought I'd get caught in something like this!
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: How many aces are earning their wings today, eh?
Cascadia | Stardust: Is this all a game of glory to you?
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: You bet it is.
Cascadian Pilot: Orion 3, confirm the chain of command.
Cascadian Pilot: Consolidate Kuiper and Triton Teams, I’ll take the lead.

  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: Tracking targets like this, I swear to God, I’ll throw my neck out!

After destroying enough fighters

AWACS | Galaxy: Monarch, it seems like you’re top dog today, keep it up.
Hitman 3 | Comic: With some darling support after all.
AWACS | Galaxy: Shut up, keep fighting, we still got bogeys.
Cascadia | Stardust: Don’t drop your guard, the Federation always has more up its sleeve.
Cascadian Pilot: “Monarch?” Helluva TAC name.
Cascadian Pilot: Self-proclaimed?
Sicario Pilot: Entire kingdoms are found by people like him.
Cascadian Pilot: He’s still a merc.
Mercenary | Master Goose: Not every king is just.[note 2]
Mercenary Pilot (Male): Try not to tail anyone else’s mark, sky’s crowded enough as it is.
Federation Pilot (Male): All these missile trails aren’t doing visibility any good.
Federation Pilot (Male): Get in close for guns, then!
Federation Pilot (Male): If we don’t disengage, we’re all going to get shot down!
Cascadian Pilot: I’m one off ace, someone got some prey?
Mercenary Pilot (Male): God, it feels like I’ll be hit by a stray missile anytime now![note 3]
AWACS | Galaxy: I’m getting IFF signatures from all across the Federation; Magadan, the Kingdom of Ulaanbaatar, Oceania? Hell, we’ve even got Deep Federation States present.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: I always loved an audience.
Federation Pilot (Male): I'll put this mercenary in his place!
Federation Command: Remember, getting these transports back home is your main priority, focus.
Federation Transport: You’re asking us to fly through a furball and a snowstorm, I don’t like our chances.
Cascadian Pilot: Let’s show those mercs what the Cascadian Air Force can do!
Eminent Domain | Captain Woodward: I’d love to throw into a dogfight as much as the next sailor. However, we have to concentrate on search and rescue for our downed pilots.
Cascadian Pilot: Why the hell did Command send us out here?!
Cascadian Pilot: With this many people? The first to stand down is going to be on the backstep in terms of air power, it’s a test of endurance.
Sicario Pilot: Show me the money!
Sicario Pilot: Yahoo!
Cascadian Pilot: You actually having fun up here?!
Sicario Pilot: Are you kiddin’ me?! I live for this!
Federation Pilot (Male): Put a crosshair on that Crown, we take out the king and the rest will fall!
Cascadian Pilot: Are we getting any more support?!
Cascadian Pilot: Our entire Air Force is in this fight already!
Federation Pilot (Male): That flight being led by the Crown, those are the ones who got away from Crimson.
Federation Pilot (Male): We’ll show those blowhards what a salt-of-the-earth pilot can do.
Cascadian Pilot: Look at that lead plane go, what’s his TAC name? Monarch?
Cascadian Pilot: You don’t name yourself after a king without knowing what’s what, either that or he’s full of it.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: [grunts] Feels like I’m gonna bite through my teeth here!
Hitman 3 | Comic: Deep breaths, Dip, deep breaths.

Conquer the Bering Strait

AWACS | Galaxy: We’ve got inbound, pop-up bandit group at bearing 230, looks like they pulled back for one last push, there's a lot of them. IFF confirmed, Federation Peacekeeping Squadron Crimson identified with more reinforcements, this is it!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Ah shit...

Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Crimson Squadron, ready the MLAAs, we’re putting an end to this party.
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson Pilot (Male): Looks like it’s those mercenaries, think they might turn tail and run again?
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Not this time, open fire.


AWACS | Galaxy: Radar tags pinged all across the board, incoming!
Hitman 3 | Comic: Is that all you got?!
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Dump countermeasures, hit them head on!

Federation Pilot (Male): All survivors, rally behind the Peacekeepers, it’s our only chance!
Federation Pilot (Male): Now that Crimson’s here, you’re all goners.

Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Crimson, focus on the mercenary IFFs, they’re the backbone of the enemy Air Force.

Cascadian Pilot: They’re trying to knock out the mercs, what gives?
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson Pilot (Male): ID on one, the jester.
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson Pilot (Male): The fighter with the peace symbol on it, tag him.
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: I’m on the leader, the one with the crown.

  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: Come closer, asshole, bigger target for me!

One Crimson shot down

Cascadian Pilot: That Crowned Mercenary just shot down a Peacekeeper?!
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson Pilot (Male): Who was that, who shot him down?!
Cascadian Pilot: We might win this war yet, keep fighting![note 4]

Hitman 3 | Comic: Square up, you poster boys, you’re not backing off this time!

Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Do you even understand what you’re doing?! You’re getting in the way of world peace!
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson Pilot (Female): Adjust your tactics and reform the attack pattern, we’ll make ’em pay for that.[note 5]
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: [grunts] God damn, still going at it, huh? Fine, we’ll play ball!

Eliminate Federation reinforcements

Federation Command: That’s enough, we’ve sustained too many losses. All elements within the AO, pull back, I repeat, pull back, Crystal Kingdom has issued a full retreat.
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: Tell them we have them, just keep sending reinforcements, don’t take this from me!
Federation Command: That’s an order, Crimson 1, we have no more combat-effective reinforcements, the transports were all shot down, we’d just be sending men to die, I won’t repeat myself.
Federation Peacekeeper | Crimson 1: No, no, no...! All Federation elements, pull back, use the clouds as cover.

  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: That’s right, you better get out of my radar range, run!

Cascadian Pilot: They’re retreating, we did it, hot damn, we did it!
Cascadian Pilot: How the hell did we pull that off?! Holy shit!
Cascadian Pilot: If this feels this great, think about what it’ll be like when we win the war!

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: How in God’s name are we not dead...?
Hitman 3 | Comic: We’re the better pilots, that’s how. Screw ’em all, I wish they stayed.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Monarch, you'’re something else, I’ll tell you, we’ve got no right to still be alive.
Hitman 3 | Comic: And yet you are, that’s our victory.
AWACS | Galaxy: Monarch, we gotta go contact some record agency or somethin’, because you racked up a ridiculous kill score.
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: We looking clear across the board, Galaxy?
AWACS | Galaxy: Yes sir, all Federation forces are pulling back across the IDL, we did it! Hey, pop that champagne bottle I got in the fire extinguisher box, I don’t give a damn if we get the consoles wet, we’re rich after this mission, rich!
Cascadia | Stardust: Hitman Team, Monarch, we’ve gotta thank you, if you didn’t tie up those Peacekeepers...well, I don’t know what would’ve happened.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: I’ve got an idea...
AWACS | Galaxy: Hitman Team, RTB!


Briefer: The full fury of Federation air power was unleashed today over the Bering Strait and miraculously, thanks to the actions of the Hitman Team, we have not only survived it, but bested it. The Federation’s force projection capabilities will be heavily decreased now that their air support across the theater has been effectively decimated at the moment, it’ll take some time for them to shore up more pilots from their vassal states, but for now, we have the total advantage. All that remains for them then is their airships, but we’re drafting up a plan to deal with them now. Until your next orders, get some rest and expect a little bonus, we couldn’t get an exact count of how many fighters you downed today, but we’ll just round up and call it fair.


  1. Subtitles say "IF callsigns" instead.
  2. Formerly random male mercenary pre-Patch 2.0.11
  3. Subtitles omit "God."
  4. Subtitle identifier is mistakenly colored red.
  5. Formerly male voice pre-Patch 2.0.11