Bering Strait

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The Bering Strait is a body of water between northern Cascadia and Magadan (as well as the entire Pacific Federation).


One of the most notable things about it is being one of the few areas to keep its pre-Calamity name in the After Calamity Era. Another is it being the place of ship-to-ship combat between Cascadian and Magadan/Federation fishermen, where both sides duke it out with small arms and ship ramming, none of which has adverse effects on king crab fishing.[2] Various blizzards dot the area, making travel difficult for airliners passing through the strait.[3]


The Federation used the strait to send forces to Northern Cascadia to put down the Cascadian Independence Force during the Cascadian Conflict.

In the early hours of April 17, AC 432, the Federation, attempting to get disorganized and understrength units for later redeployment, sent a dozen C/T-17 transports for airlift, using the arctic storm as camouflage. However, a CIF-sided Cascadian Air Force patrol spotted the aerial convoy, eventually causing a chain reaction with both sides sending wave after wave of fighters against each other and creating the largest air battle in not just the war, but After Calamity Era history.

The stalemate was eventually broken by the arrival of more mercenaries, most prominently Sicario's Hitman Team, and consequently, the Federation's aerial power all over northern Cascadia was greatly reduced.[1] It would take a month and a half of bogged-down fighting for the superpower to begin sending forces across the strait again.[4]



  1. These coordinates are wrong as they instead direct to where the Chukotsky District would be in Magadan.