Cold War

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This article is about an in-game mission. For the in-universe event, see Operation Guillotine.

"Where the hell have you guys been?! Half the Federation Air Force is here!"

"Cold War" is the eleventh mission of Project Wingman. Sicario and other mercenaries join a giant air battle over the Bering Strait between the Pacific Federation and the Cascadian Independence Force.


The objective is simple: Shoot down every single aircraft in the area. There will be a second wave and additional allies when AWACS Galaxy commends your kill count. After all planes are shot down, Crimson Team will arrive in the AO with more reinforcements, and your allies will trail close by. Shooting down five Crimsons completes the mission.

Mercenary difficulty

No change.

Enemy List

Section Unit Points Count Mercenary
Initial EnemyA.png ACCIPITER 250 2
EnemyA.png F/D-14 250 4
EnemyA.png F/C-15 250 4
EnemyA.png F/C-16 250 4
EnemyA.png SK.27 250 4
EnemyA.png MG-31 250 4
EnemyA-N.png C/T-17 250 12
EnemyA.png F/E-18 250 16
First Reinforcements EnemyA.png SK.30 250 2
EnemyA.png F/E-4 250 2
EnemyA.png MG-21 250 2
EnemyA.png F/E-18 250 2
EnemyA.png ACCIPITER 250 2
EnemyA.png F/C-16 250 2
Second Reinforcements EnemyA.png F/E-18 250 2
EnemyA.png MG-21 250 2
EnemyA.png MG-31 250 2
EnemyA.png ACCIPITER 250 2
EnemyA.png F/C-16 250 4
Mission Update EnemyA.png F/C-15 400 6
EnemyA.png MG-29 400 6
EnemyA-P.png SK.37 "CRIMSON" 2000 4
EnemyA-P.png VX-23 "CRIMSON" 2000 4

Behind the scenes

Pre-Patch 1.0.4c, the enemy arrangement was different and more numerous; 38 F/E-18s, six F/C-16s, and two Accipiters, and the F/C-15s and F/D-14s were absent.


  • When starting the mission on Mercenary difficulty, the usual mission intro is replaced with an animesque intro reminiscent of older Japanese animations. The subtitle is "EPISODE 11 - COLD WAR/SHOWDOWN OVER THE BERING STRAIT!".
  • While present in the mission and canonically shot down, the transports mentioned in the debriefing aren't required to be shot down for mission completion.
  • The mission always ends when only three Crimson planes remain, regardless of whether the Double Time modifier is activated.