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This article is about an in-game mission. For the in-universe event, see Operation Recall.

"Crimson Squadron, engage. Avenge this land."
Crimson 1

"Return" is the eighteenth mission of Project Wingman. With the Cascadian Independence Force desiring a base on the ruins of Prospero in order to launch an assault on Presidia, Hitman Team is sent in to clean the airspace, leading to a final confrontation with Crimson Team.


The player is first tasked with clearing the area of enemies. This initial opposition is small.

Following the destruction of all targets, Crimson Team will enter the area, and become the primary objective. Like previous encounters, Crimson is comprised of four VX-23s and four Sk.37 Decimator-B, and will use the AOA Limiter liberally to evade missiles. The mission is completed upon the destruction of all Crimson aircraft.

Mercenary difficulty

No change.

Enemy List

Section Unit Points Count Mercenary
Initial EnemyG-P.png AA 150 8
EnemyA-P.png P.28 150 8
EnemyA-P.png F/D-14 250 2
EnemyA-P.png F/E-4 250 2
EnemyA-P.png SK.27 250 2
Mission Update EnemyA-P.png SK.37 "CRIMSON" 1500 4
EnemyA-P.png VX-23 "CRIMSON" 1500 4