Anti-Aircraft gun

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"Those AA guns will chew us up if we get too close, Monarch, gotta hit ’em fast."
Evelyn London[1]

Anti-Aircraft (AA) guns are air defense weapons used extensively in the After Calamity Era. They are found as both ground emplacements and vehicle armaments.

Description and applications

AA guns come in two known variants; the standard stationary one that is easily destroyed and pose little threat unless in huge numbers, and the CIWS/C-RAM (counter rocket/artillery/mortar) turrets that feature extremely fast fire rates and pose a lot of threat as they can drain hull strength quickly.

Both variants are extremely easy to destroy, but must be done so with precise targeting because of their small sizes. Furthermore, they are normally found on all kinds of airships, naval ships, and on the ground in clusters to pose a threat to attacking aircraft. It should be noted that while the standard AA gun fires and reloads every three seconds, the C-RAM/CIWS does twice that time.


The AA gun
  • A single AA gun can be seen in the main menu through unconventional means.
  • All C-RAM/CIWS use the model of the Phalanx CIWS.