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The Cascadian Coast Guard (CSN) is the Cascadian National Guard's coastal defense branch.


The Cascadian Conflict's beginning saw the majority of the Coast Guard being eliminated by the Pacific Federation onslaught. Despite this, however, their remnants were sufficient enough to evacuate plenty of Cascadian Independence Force out of Presidia during its fall.[1]

A few weeks later, Coast Guard seamen led by Captain Woodward captured the FNS Jerusalem, a Federation battleship near the Burning Coast, and renamed it the CIFS Eminent Domain. The rest of the Coast Guard sent reinforcements to resupply and escort the vessel to safer waters as part of Operation Sea Farer; the CCS Court and its escort waited for Sicario's Hitman Team to sink all the Federation ships in the area before linking up with the battleship, and then after further combat, successfully rendezvoused with the ship. With its capabilities, the Coast Guard regained its lost strength and went on the offensive afterwards, conducting plenty of operations.[2]

As the war turned in the CIF's favor, the Coast Guard participated in their offensive, launching a large-scale invasion of Magadan in tandem with the Cascadian Merchant Marine[3] and chasing retreating Federation units off Grimwood Coast,[4] though the former ended up with their flagship battered and many ships sunk.[5]

[6]Months later, they participated in the final battles of the war, sinking the 1st Naval Battlegroup and the Federation's naval supply train with a close-in attack[7] as well as the last of the FN in-theater at Presidia. In the process, however, a large chunk of the Coast Guard was likewise lost.[8]

Rank structure and personnel

Name Rank/Occupation Fate Notes
Woodward Captain/CIFS Eminent Domain commander Active Assaulted and commandeered the FNS Jerusalem, captained the ship for the remainder of its life and the war. Abandoned ship when it sank in the Presidian Disaster, August 23, AC 432.
Pele Captain/CCS Court commander Active N/A


The "CCS" prefix may stand for "Cascadian Coast Guard Ship," in like manner as CIFS meaning "Cascadian Independence Force Ship." However, FCG as it stands is uncertain.

Name Fate Class Unit alignment Captain Notes
CIFS Eminent Domain Sunk Battleship Unknown Captain Woodward CIF flagship stolen from the Federation. Formerly FNS Jerusalem. Sustained heavy damage in the Magadan Invasion. Defeated the 1st Naval Battlegroup in Operation Welder. Sunk in the Presidian Disaster.
FCG Antares Active Aircraft carrier Unknown Unknown Present near Rowsdower Air Force Base as of February AC 432. Participated in Magadan Invasion.
CCS Court Active Cargo ship Unknown Captain Pele Resupplied the CIFS Eminent Domain during Operation Sea Farer.