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Solstitium was the second most powerful founding city of Cascadia, now considered its "lost city."


Located near the Scarred Sea, the city was ruled by the Solis family and had abundant geothermal and cordium resources.


Solstitium was one of Cascadia's three founding cities upon its founding before AC 0.

Circa AC 392, a mishandled cordium shipment ignited the cordium deposits under the city, creating the first artificial exclusion zone in the After Calamity Era and causing thousands of deaths and countless displacements. The Cascadian National Guard sealed off the ruins.[1]

When the Cascadian Conflict erupted 40 years later, the Cascadian Independence Force quickly took over the lost city[2] and would hold it until the Pacific Federation struck back, retaking it within the month.[3] The rebels gradually pushed back and liberated the dead city after weeks of fighting.[4][5]

The later Cascadian Calamity Event, however, forced the CIF to abandon Solstitium yet again, what with the new growth of geothermal hotspots in neighboring Ioii. The Federation, though acquiring Solstitium again,[6] soon lost it for the last time in the war when the rebels fought back.[7]