Zhirov Air Corridor

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The Zhirov Air Corridor is a section of airspace in the northern Cascadian region. It has a reputation as one of Cascadia’s main aerial international trade highways, hosting 15% of daily global commerce and tourism.[1]


The aerial corridor comprises of a large number of mountains and greenery, as Briggs Range and Fresnon Range are located in the region. There is a paved dirt airstrip located nearby.[2]


During the Cascadian Conflict, the area was host to the Pacific Federation's main cargo transport routes. The route was disrupted and halted by Hitman Team and other mercenaries around the country on March 21, AC 432.[3] It was later seized as well by the Cascadian Independence Force almost two weeks later.[4]

Following the Cascadian Calamity Event, over three-quarters of the area was evacuated by both sides, although it was unaffected by the geothermal hotspots.[5]