Apodock Fracture

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The Apodock Fracture is a fracture in the Yellowstone Exclusion Zone, one of the more stable ones. The cordium extraction facility in the fracture accounted for over a quarter of Cascadia's local energy generation.[1]


The fracture is surrounded by greenery-filled and desert mountains and dotted by lava rivers. There were three cordium extraction facilities on the lava itself, and two separate ground-based facilities containing a huge amount of cordium energy facilities. The facilities are protected by various airbases.


Apodock Fracture facilities after the attack

As part of the Cascadian Independence Force counterattack against the Pacific Federation after the fall of Presidia, the Apodock Fracture came under attack by mercenaries on March 4, to distract Federation forces on the frontline. The facility staff immediately went to work safely extracting inert cordium into secure containers and neutralize their deposits in order to avoid the inadvertent creation of exclusion zones, though the facility was decimated by the air raid.[2] The facility was eventually retaken by April 17,[3] but abandoned in the wake of the Cascadian Calamity Event.[4]


  • The Apodock Fracture's coordinates are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • The fracture is named after the Kickstarter backer of the same name.[5]